30 years of single path as a hand writer

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▲ Master hand writer Song Byeong-ju

It is the age of digital. Computers and smart phones have turned many analogues to digital even the hand writings. We just only need to use our fingers to type in the letters. Easy! Yet the charm of hand writing is not dead since there still are the people who love the beauty of the art; the variety of shapes, smooth curves and lines and truthfulness of the writer. Song Byeong-ju has walked a single path as a hand writer for the last 30 years. He has spread the beauty of the art to many people who know the value of the art. He literally has obtained all certificates issued by the Korea Calligraphy Examination Educational Association. His beautiful hand writing made him enter the Daejeon Regional Office of Construction Management on special recruitment and he worked there for 30 years. He is the sole master hand writer (No.415) approved by the Korea Masters Association in 2014 and is an invitational member of numerous calligraphy organizations. He is not surprising to know that he also has won many prizes including a ministerial prize from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport at a number of calligraphy and art exhibitions; he listed his name in the 2015 Proud Korean Award, the 2016 Korean Social Contribution Award, the 2017 Beautiful Korean Face, the 8th Korean Masters Exhibition (Daejeon mayor’s citation) and the 2018 Excellent Korean Award. He is actively engaging in teaching people hand writing at various educational organizations. The first print of his book <Correcting Bad Writing> released in October 2017 was sold out and is being reprinted at the moment. The book contains methods from grabbing the pen to commonly used phrases for easy practice. “Good hand written words can move our heart and everybody can write beautifully if practiced” says Song. If you are interested in hand writing, learn a lesson or two from the book or from the master hand writer. 

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