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▲ Hwang Byeong-ki, CEO of Game Amigo of Mui Amigo

Mui Amigo is a car design and engineering venture established 2 years ago. The company launched ‘Game Amigo’ last December to promote new IT industries and e-sports industry starting with fostering talented mobile gamers and creators among the clan one of Clash Royale, a famous mobile game. CEO Hwang foresaw the shift of PC games to mobile and introduced Game Amigo. Hwang predicts that the interactive structure of the online game developers, creators and gamer users in the e-sports field will be more important than ever. The creators using YouTube and BJ are broadcasting matches of Clash Royale alongside analysis and preview. The members of a certain clan draws subscribers to create profits and some of them can grow as pro gamers. In other words, the system can create new business models and jobs especially for young people, according to Hwang. For this, Game Amigo finds and promotes talented teen pro gamers without a compulsory contract. Game Amigo, in fact, scouted 150 promising amateur gamers and Sung Ji-hoon (nickname Kang Han-son) in particular has signed a contract with Mui Amigo to produce Game Amigo broadcasting contents as a creator. Hwang says that Game Amigo is the first case in Korea to find and promote mobile pro gamers; and the Korean teens’ capability in ranking around 5th to 100th at the International Clash Royale makes it promising that Game Amigo has a huge potential to grow. It is like a gamer incubator that can compare with the K-Pop star incubator. It probably was StarCraft that Korean gamers made a strong presence in the global games market. Korea currently takes 16% of the whole games market in the world and the <e-Sports Report>, published by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency, estimated the e-sports market as KRW 83 billion won. It is noteworthy that many pro mobile gamers are also creators and they are the ones who actually make profits from the subscribers and ads. Hwang currently is supporting Sung Ji-hoon (ranked within the global 1,000) and Park Se-yong (ranked within the global 200). “I hope more game companies and partners will see the promising future of mobile games and of talented mobile gamers. So, the doors of Mui Amigo are always open for you and us for cooperation and support” says Hwang. 
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