New injection molding technique realizes eco-friendly plastic containers

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▲ Jo Hong-chul, CEO of Inhwa Tech

The disposal of plastic bottles and containers has been a long time issue for us to solve in order to protect the environment of the planet earth. There are many kinds of things made of plastic from PET to HDP and HDPE. The China’s recent refuse to import plastic wastes is yet added its seriousness and the world including Korea has been put on emergency alert. In this situation, it is noteworthy to introduce an eco-friendly plastic container maker Inhwa Tech and the feat of CEO Jo Hong-chul who developed environmental-friendly food container lines by processing harmless PP with agreeable design. Jo reduced the process to 2 stages from the existing 3 with his secured patents for 5 kinds molding techniques that made each product with precision on the same thickness and the even patterns. In other words, Jo made the process cost effective so that one highly skilled technician can control 5 machines and the unit price also has been reduced by 15% compared to the existing disposable containers. The injection molding technique of Inhwa Tech boasts immaculate detail as shown in plates, bowls and noodle containers and the hygienically coated surface prevents the liquid or oil from leaking or being absorbed into the container. Jo says that these containers (reusable PP) are easy to wash and can be used semi-permanently. When wasted, they can then be reused for industrial purpose which is good to protect the environment. It is promising for Jo that the metallic materials used in construction sites is being replaced by harmless PP. Jo expects the eco-friendly containers of Inhwa Tech will answer not only the demand from the industries but also the ever increasing market demand especially from single households since they tend to lead a simple life through simple things. Meanwhile, Jo is ambitious to pioneer overseas markets starting from a food expo held at KINTEX this month with particular attention to Japan where the unit price of disposable containers are very expensive; Japan imports Korean disposable containers at large quantity instead. Jo’s vision is clear: making eco-friendly plastic containers according to each purpose that can be used semi-permanently or reused for industrial purpose based on which Inhwa Tech takes part in protecting the environment of the planet earth. 
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