How to spot fake luxury goods? Korea Imported Luxury Goods Appraisal Center will equip you with a discerning eye.

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▲ Korea Imported Luxury Goods Appraisal Center / Director Sukjeong Yang

Unlike in the past where luxury goods were exclusive to some, many people nowadays can afford to buy one or more. However, a boom in an industry often comes along with fake. How do we spot fake items from authentic? It is the reason that the Korea Imported Luxury Goods Appraisal Center opened its door. 

Sukjeong Yang, Director of the Korea Imported Luxury Goods Appraisal Center, used to run a pawnshop for 10 years and is now running a number of used luxury goods shops in Yangsan, Gimhae, Changwon and Daegu. Here, he trades goods and train people to recognize fakes.

“I studied jewelry design in college and worked for a Swiss watch company. I opened my own pawnshop in Yangsan and traded luxury watches, bags and jewelry during which I learned how to spot fakes. It led to a used luxury goods shop and sales started to soar.” says Yang.

Yang runs a course for discerning the real from the fake twice a week. The course involves basic knowledge, buying, reselling, repairing and opening a business. Repairing especially focuses on detail in seam, brim, border, leather and metal plating.

“Even after finishing the course I keep helping them spot fakes when they send me photos of the goods or run their business. Graduates share information wherever they are so that they make sure only the real goods are traded.” says Yang.

Skills that can be used in the field right away

The Korea Imported Luxury Goods Appraisal Center equips learners with skills that can be used in the field right away. 

“I’m not that interested in history of luxury goods. I’m interested in the skills learners can apply them in the field right away. The content of the course is simple and practical and I and learners jump into the point without beating around the bush. I encourage them to set a selling price and purchase price and then try to sell. I also show them as many luxury goods as possible to widen their eyes and make them my business partners on finishing the course.” says Yang.

Where do we trade luxury goods? Yang points out used markets such as Daangn and bazaar in apartment blocks. You can also promote your luxury goods at Naver keyword ads or Naver Smartplace. 

As more young people tend to buy used luxury goods, Yang sees a bright outlook for the market. 

“At the Korea Imported Luxury Goods Appraisal Center, you can sell or buy used luxury goods at a good price and repair is free if you buy a bag. Because luxury goods are extremely well made, you can keep it for a long time without getting tired of it.” says Yang.

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