Couple artists Jung Soon Shin and Sang Kiun Park hold Donghang 70 to mark 70 years of age

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10 years from now, Shin and Park held Donghang 60 to mark 60 years of age. Park is the director of the Traditional Culture & Arts Promotion Association and an art administrator. Shin is the head of the women’s division of the association. The exhibition Donghand 70 was held at the Gallery Lamer. Attended at the opening included the association chairman Jaechun Kim, and Park Hae-yang, president of the Korean Traditional Master Craftsman Association, and Yoon Jae-hwan, president of the Bichena World Movement Headquarters. Soprano Park Su-jeong also gave a congratulatory performance.


The works are the result of 99.999% hard work

“I’ve been a literati painter for more than 40 years. I did some landscape painting and a little bit of ceramics, pansori and pungmul, and even Korean palace food chef.” says Park. He is self-learned painter but created his own art world by combining literati painting with ink and Non-representationalization. Currently, he is focusing on his role as an art administrator. Shin started folk painting by encouragement of Park. But she proved herself by winning a special prize at the Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, a prize from Seoul Mayor and Chairman of the Seoul City Council. They displayed around 300 works at the gallery this time. “I think skill comes from hard work. I don’t have 0.5% talent in art but 99.999% hard work. I start my work at the association from 7am and spend most time of the day there. I sometimes wake up at 3am or 4am to paint alongside doing my job at the association office. After this exhibition, I want to go on a trip with my wife Shin.” says Park.


The pride of walking a single path

“I have had a meaningful time with the association. I’ve worked really hard and I’ve done it with a passion. I have also worked hard to build bridges between senior and junior artists, and I take great pride in the fact that I have spread to the public about the importance of traditional culture.” says Park.


Spreading Korean traditional culture and art

Park plans to hold Donghang 80 with his wife Shin after 10 years. “It is my wish to carry this until I reach 100 but I’m not sure whether my body will keep me running that much. I also plan to successfully organize various exhibitions such as Invitation exhibition for outstanding artists, Fan Art Exhibition held in the summer, Korea Grand Prix Art Exhibition (Korea’s oldest art fair booth exhibition).” says Park. He added “I feel really proud and happy that around 300 to 400 people paid a visit to this exhibition on the first day alone. I thought I have lived my life fairly good and I also feel a great responsibility. I will keep my artistic zeal running as before.”

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