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▲ Aurum Education / Chief Director Daewon Yoon, Sangmin Ha

There is less than half a year left until the college entrance exam. There is a saying, “Opportunity comes to those who are ready.” However, as there is no right answer for the exam, students often find their own way for the exam but still many are lost in the middle. The CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test) is the very result of the last 12 years of their hard work and the requirement varies case by case. This is the point where professional consulting should be provided. Aurum Education is specialized in this and Monthly PowerKorea sat down with chief directors Daewon Yoon and Sangmin Ha who graduated from Seoul National University.


Customized consulting from high school to SAT

Helping 12 years of hard work come to fruition

Yoon and Ha established Aurum Education to provide down to earth consulting and advice to high school students preparing for the CSAT. Education in Korea consists of 12 years in total: 6 years of elementary school, 3 years of middle school, and 3 years of high school. It is very important for them to make their hard work bare fruits at the CSAT. Yet many students fail. Yoon and Ha point out one of the reasons as lack of guidance on school record and interview. Yoon says “Having taught about 800 students, I have discovered that our method can directly help students on this. I and Ha shared the same mind and we joined hands to establish Aurum Education.” They provide tailored consulting from first year high school students to the last year regardless their choice of major and university as the consulting covers all their needs.


From subjects to comparative subjects

Tailored school record

Aurum Education’s tailored school record consulting provides ultimate suggestion to each student. The consulting is run per semester from subjects to comparative subjects. Yoon and Ha provide performance evaluation, research activities, report topics and related book recommendations, media and reference material reports, voluntary and career activity consulting based on school records. This allows students to highlight their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. In particular, it provides customized consulting for each university, helping students find a way to achieve their dreams.


Mock interview specifically designed for each student

Preparing for both school record and interview

Yoon and Ha prepares a mock interview specifically designed for each student. For interview, it is difficult to obtain the necessary effect by taking classes with several people, but through small mock interviews, students are taught to embody logic construction and thinking process. This tailored interview results in tailored feedback through which the student can obtain more effective construction and thinking. As a professional examination committee composed of doctors and teachers develops new self-interview questions every year, it is possible to prepare for all evaluation factors and past exam questions for each university. If the document interview is conducted based on the school record, Aurum Education provides school record consulting along with the interview to help students cope effectively. Aurum Education has helped many students make their dream come true. Yoon and Ha say “Aurum Education is here to help students make their way to the university they want.”

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