AI English fairytale in a virtual space with Virtual Tale

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The metaverse is now part of our daily lives. It’s not uncommon for children who have lived through a pandemic to be more familiar with the metaverse than the real world. As a result, the metaverse market is growing and there is a movement to utilize the metaverse for education. The domestic edutech market is expected to reach about 10 trillion won in 2025, and metaverse education is expected to grow to 2 billion dollars by 2031.

Utilizing a metaverse for training is effective in many ways. 3D simulations are highly effective because they immerse the learner. Metaverses can accelerate learning by providing an interactive experience. This makes it easier for students to experience and learn about complex topics that would otherwise be presented through simple text or diagrams. This has led to the convergence of metaverses and AI. AI in the metaverse can improve academic performance by interacting with learners, reducing the burden on teachers to prepare and deliver materials. It also has the advantage of collecting information about students and providing customized information accordingly, which is why many edutech companies are entering the field.


Unreal Engine delivers VR contents with Twinmotion

Fairytales in foreign languages with AI and contents capabilities

Plan On Mars is a company that solves real-world problems through a range of virtual contents in virtual spaces. 

Powered by Unreal Engine and Twinmotion, the company delivers virtual space events, online fairs, digital showrooms, and other VR content in the form of web pages, executables, and applications. It uses Blender, 3Ds max, and Substance Painter for professional modeling and texturing to deliver high-quality results.

Plan On Mars joined hands with Survival Swimming Lab and introduced VR contents related to escaping shipwreck and preventing fire. These contents have undergone software quality certification (GS certification), which categorizes dizziness, a common problem with VR content. And they solved the problem in the form of a rotating staircase instead of a vertical staircase. The company has also completed the development of a teacher tablet application to collect and control learning data in real time so that teachers can check the status of students’ HMDs between field trips. Through these achievements, the company recently developed Virtual Tale, a VR-based AI foreign language assimilation service.


Learning foreign languages with fairytale in virtual space

Virtual Tale is VR-based AI foreign language learning

Virtual Tale is a service that provides immersive fairy tale content in virtual reality through HMDs to teach foreign languages. Along with the HMD, an application with learning content is provided, which not only allows you to learn a foreign language, but also analyzes your learning data to provide you with a learning report and a learning roadmap. 

The advantage of this is that you can provide students with immersive fairy tale content through virtual reality. In the virtual space of the application, the student becomes the protagonist of the story and can read along or respond autonomously to the text to learn the language. Plan On Mars created more than 620 of their own levels and assets/character data to create a more realistic and immersive fairy tale world for their VR content. Students can interact with a variety of AI-powered fairy tale characters in conversations, eliciting responses that accelerate language learning. 

Plan On Mars is prioritizing existing fairy tales for which no IP exists, and is planning to expand its content by receiving 500 fairy tale IPs from Hungarian education company BOOKR CLASS through SAM Corporation. The company will also develop AI for interactive learning, with the goal of becoming a VR story content platform. Plan On Mars has been selected the 2nd new tenant of Gwangjin Economy Hub Center. 

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