Introducing an innovative network failure solution NetGuard

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Interest in smart city is growing fast throughout the world. The urbanization has been causing various problems and the governments are eyeing smart city for an ideal solution as the data and information is gathered and analyzed to run the city more efficiently. Transportation, security and safety of the city, for example, can be managed with advanced technologies. 

In South Korea, the government is running K-City Network as part of smart city projects. As its name suggests, the K-City Network project focuses particularly on the network which is one of the core parts of building a smart city alongside devices, platforms and services. 

Kyeungin CNS is a company showing a strong presence in this field with years of accumulated know-how and experience in CCTV, digital monitoring (DVR and HIBRID NVR), gate control, parking control, and facility management. NetGuard, in particular, is the brainchild of the company as it automatically recovers network failures in real time. It detects failures in traffic, connection, reset and remote control system, and recovers the failures without the engineers paying a visit to the site. 

“NetGuard is not a simple remote power control device but it is an innovative CCTV facility remote monitoring system.” emphasizes Kim Chang-duck, CEO of Kyeungin CNS. 


NetGuard recovers failures automatically

When network failures are detected, NetGuard resets the power of the devices in addition to monitoring them periodically. It is loaded with auto-recovery, BYPASS, monitoring, and lighting avoidance. It especially checks the network ping to automatically turn the power on and off to reset. Reset in fact is what is often done by the engineers dispatched to the failure spot which takes time and cost. NetGuard, on the other hand, checks the setting of the device on the spot every 1 to 10 minutes to decide whether it should power off to reset without the engineers being dispatched. “And this is the patented core part of NetGuard.” points out Kim. 


Controlling 9 channels

NetGuard controls up to 9 channels of which 6 are 220 voltage control and 3 are normal relay 3 ports. When failure is detected, all outputs go BY PASS to supply power to the device. NetGuard can receive up to 3 input sensors and is loaded with temperature sensor and voltage sensor that can be controlled user by user. It can also be connected to GPS. What is more? Users can set the power off function to 1 day, 2 days or 3 days. All used data is recorded and analyzed for more efficient management and control. NetGuard is GS certified and is received as Gis Network Management System. NetGuard is used where CCTV is installed and it contributes to effectively monitoring possible outbreaks and natural disasters in facilities, roads, rivers, etc.


Outdoor smart RACK

Kyeungin CNS’s outdoor smart RACK is a device that controls temperature and moisture of a fan or heater, and open and close of the door. It automatically operates the fan according to environment so that the temperature maintains its ideal level. All information from operation of fan and heater to temperature and moisture is visible through OLED. The RACK is offered in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.


▲ Kyeungin CNS / CEO Kim Chang-duck


Apart from these excellent devices, the company also developed GNMS (Gis Network Management System), fountain management system, gate control system and parking control system. GNMS in particular controls multiple NetGuard and peripherals. It enables IP camera register, supports LINK, and separates the network failures to show in graph. It is loaded with the channel power control and reset, and is also GS certified.

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