Are social and science studies a headache? SR Education provides easy solutions with customized level by level curriculum that will boost up your academic performance

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▲ SR Education / Director Hwang Na-ri

As the social and science study at the 2023 SAT were somewhat more difficult than in the previous year, students feel urged to seek solutions to get the subjects with high marks.

Social study is consisted of 11 areas which are society, Korean history, economy, politics and law, social culture, Korean geography, world geography, life and ethics, ethics and ideologies, history of East Asia, and world history.

Science study is consisted of 8 areas including physics, chemistry, life science, and earth science.

In South Korea, most students are already struggling with Korean, English and math which are the three most important subjects that will affect their overall academic performance with significance. Naturally, it is not easy to map out a study plan for other subjects such as social and science studies.

Junggye-dong in North of the Han River, Seoul, is often compared to Daechi-dong in South of the Han River which is known as the mecca of the Korean private education industry. Here at the heart of Junggye-dong, SR Education, the largest in scale in social and science studies in the region, is nestled.


Customized level by level solutions

Compared to single subject like Korean, English and math, social and science studies encompass a variety of areas for students to choose.

Unlike similar private institutions, SR Education covers all areas no matter how little a number of students attend on a particular subject.

The social and science studies at the first grade of high school are not included in the SAT so they are left to the autonomy of the teacher. However, this does not mean that the first grade students can be idle on this but should better prepare for the coming nation exam after 2 years. So SR Education focused on this and is providing customized level by level curriculum to 13 high schools nearby.

Hwang Na-ri, Director of SR Education, says, “The reason there are not many social and science studies schools is that the teaching materials and progress vary from teacher to teacher and from school to school, making it difficult to prepare for exams. SR Education began to spread its excellence from mouth to mouth by conducting customized classes according to the progress of each school based on the know-how accumulated over 10 years.”

In preparation for the SAT, courses are offered by subject and level. SR Education provides a systematic curriculum and for this has received a great response from both students and their parents.

In addition, young and enthusiastic teachers are preparing for classes with attention to detail, and the satisfaction of the students, therefore, is high.

Hwang says, “Our highly skilled and experienced teachers have license in each respective field and provide the easiest and more effective way.”

Formerly, Hwang worked as a social study teacher at Hyesung Girl’s High School and Jun, a director of SR science academy, worked also as an earth science teacher at Incheon Haneul High School.


Delivering the best result to each student

Currently, about 450 students are attending in the social study classes at SR Education while the number of science study is exceeding 200.

The school records as well as recap and retest of students are thoroughly managed by the expert team at SR Education through analysis on questions and question trends in each year. For this reason, not only students feel satisfied but also their parents on receiving the result.

Hwang says, “Social and science studies, in fact, are easy to harvest a good result as long as students choose the area smartly. What we do, therefore, is to help each student find the right area and to provide the right solution accordingly.”

Hwang adds, “Social and science studies never betray students who study hard. The more effectively they spend time on these, the better the result they get.”

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