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Founded in 2016, HHS is a startup that has developed a smart safety management system. The company develops products and services that apply biosignal processing and artificial intelligence that can make our life happy and safe. 

The company has developed a smart fitness system, an EEG-based safety management system, and a driver wakefulness system based on EEG electrocardiogram electromyography biosignal analysis and processing technology. 

The smart safety hat developed by HHS has a built-in biosignal measuring device and acceleration sensor, which can monitor dangerous situations for workers at industrial sites in real time. The smart hat can measure brain waves and heart rate from the left and right brains of workers, and even detect shocks such as falls. 

If the existing smart safety hats applied with complex biosignal processing technology that measured brain waves, pulse, and acceleration in real time, this safety hat is applied with technology to also measure body temperature in real time with which it attracts attention overseas. 

CEO Han Heong-seop says, “I participated in Dubai Zytex 2022 in September last year and CES in January this year, and I got to know a lot of reactions from overseas buyers. This time, we introduced a product equipped with a function that measures body temperature in real time, and the response from foreign buyers was very good. Especially since Dubai is a hot country, we found that there is a high demand for our products, which can detect body temperature and heart rate when abnormal symptoms are first seen due to heat stroke. In addition, Dubai has many Arab and Indian buyers who deal with dangerous substances such as gas and oil, so there was a lot of interest in our products enhanced in safety management systems. We will continue to participate in fairs in various countries and develop various products by accumulating data.”


Proven innovative technology leads to winning various awards

A leap forward into a solid and strong company with upgraded technology

Since its establishment in 2016, HHS has won various awards from reputable organizations and has been recognized for its differentiated competitiveness and technology. In 2018, the company won the top prize in the marine startup competition organized by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award at the 2020 Korea Invention Patent Competition, the Innovation Award at the International Electronics Show (CES) 2021 and 2022 for two consecutive years, the Minister of Science and ICT Commendation Award in 2022, and the ‘ICT Grand Prize’ in the ‘Smart Safety Management System’ category for the ‘5th consecutive years’ at the 2022 Korea Leading Company Awards. The company also listed name in the 2022 Korea Innovative Company & Brand Awards and the 2022 Korea Customer Satisfaction & Innovation Management Brand Awards in the Biosignal-based Safety Management Platform category. 

It is not difficult to follow the path taken. However, exploring and challenging a path that no one has traveled before requires not only passion and a challenging spirit, but also various competencies such as perseverance, persistence, sincerity, and faith. Han Heong-seop, CEO of HHS, emphasizes that although there are many difficulties, the company will continue to be a strong just as it has overcome hardships until now. 

“Since the establishment of the company in 2016, there have always been difficulties and crises, but each time we have overcome them well with the technology and strength of our products. We have won many awards, including the minister’s prizes and have overcome difficulties well with our team members. We will continue to develop innovative products this year to firmly establish our position as a smart health company.”

HHS, a company that contributes to human happiness and healthy life, plans to take a step forward this year as a smart health company that can play an active role not only in Korea but also in overseas countries. 

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