Study English as if it’s your first language, only at St. George Academy’s English classes.

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▲ St. George Academy / CEO Subin Choi

St. George Academy CEO Subin Choi lived in Canada for 15 years. After graduating from a renowned university, she has built extensive knowledge and experience as an educator ranging from kindergarten to high school. What separates St. George Academy from all the rest is that all English teachers are native speakers whose enthusiasm and determination to teach children English are second to none.

“What surprised me when I came back to Korea was that children sounded rude when speaking English. I believe this phenomenon is due to oversimplifying English during the crucial learning stages. So, I focused on developing a method that facilitates students to speak English with ease, politeness, and proper expressions. And the result is what we teach at St. George Academy now.” says Choi.

All classes, including parent-teacher conferences at St. George Academy, are done in English. Some parents who had been confused at first became more interested in English as they and their children have naturally integrated the language in everyday life.


Boost your confidence and improve your skills.

Speak English friendly and naturally as if it is your first language.

St. George Academy boasts up-to-date educational facilities. Each class consists of a 10:1 student-teacher ratio, which aligns with the academy’s goal of fostering an optimal learning environment that allows teachers to pay individual attention to students. The curriculum has been designed to prioritize students’ needs, and native teachers help children increase their concentration alongside providing assessments and feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. This way, children improve their competency in English and boost their confidence.

The unique 5-day curriculum encourages students to use advanced language skills in collaboration. Early childhood students in particular can improve their English skills through a variety of educational programs including literature, scientific inquiries, field trips, art and culinary activities. Also, the academy offers specialized classes such as Alphabet, Chinese, Abacus, Music, and Basketball.

Recognized for her excellence in English education, St. George Academy CEO Subin Choi stood alongside the winners of the 2023 Korea Value Management Awards in the English Education category.


“Speak the way Canadians speak at St. George Academy in Ulsan”

Every morning, CEO Choi holds a meeting with the teachers and exchanges educational experiences and ideas to promote an effective learning environment.

“Children improve their language faster when they learn English in a comfortable and safe environment, and this is what the academy provides. In order for students to learn English effectively, they must practice having conversations and participating in discussions. With that in mind, we have developed a fun and engaging educational programs with a communicative approach. Ultimately, I believe that re-evaluating and refreshing lesson plans while maintaining an organized and positive learning environment can optimize students’ quality of learning. That’s why holding a meeting with the teachers every morning is imperative,” says Choi.

“Speak the way Canadians speak at St. George Academy in Ulsan” is what you will see and experience when you join the English immersion classes here. Some say that St. George Academy embodies English education’s essence in Canada and Ulsan.

If you live in or around Ulsan and want your children to speak English like native speakers, you should pay attention to what St. George Academy has to offer!

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