Wise Clean Zone adds clean wisdom to precious spaces A clean solution that solves sick house syndrome and worries of children and pets

Complex sterilization through HUV, plasma, and CU (copper) Very effective in removing fine dust and deodorizing 신태섭 기자l승인2023.03.22l수정2023.03.22 11:27







Complex sterilization through HUV, plasma, and CU (copper) perfectly captures fine dust and viruses

Demonstration of clear deodorization ability using plasma wavelength

Wise Door is a middle door installation and interior company. The company is famous for Wise Clean Zone that is loaded with various functions. Wise Clean Zone is a clean care solution that is installed in the middle door to create a luxurious interior alongside deodorization, sterilization, purification, fine dust removal, and sensor functions. Wise Door CEO Kim Sung-wook says, “Because of the pandemic, people are very sensitive about the virus. Many homes nowadays have sterilization devices at the entrance of the front door. So I developed Wise Clean Zone as I thought it could give multi-functionality.” 

▲ Wise Door / CEO Kim Seong-wook

Wise Clean Zone has both tracking and natural sterilization functions by using harmless HUV and plasma technology. Porphyrin, one of the metabolites of bacteria, causes photosynthesis and destroys cells when exposed to visible light. Wise Clean Zone uses this principle to induce porphyrin reaction decomposition through ultraviolet rays to sterilize only germs without any harm to humans and animals. It also self-sterilizes using dual plasma and copper materials. Copper is a metal whose antibacterial properties have been verified, and copper ions act on bacteria to generate a sterilization effect. As a result, 99.9% of harmful substances and bacteria are sterilized, and the deodorizing power is also excellent through the plasma wavelength. Wise Door obtained a patent for a complex sterilization method using ultraviolet rays and copper for the first time in Korea, and was recognized for its excellence in technology by receiving a ministerial prize. 


Care for all spaces without worrying about sick house syndrome, winning a ministerial prize at the MBC Architecture Fair

Easy installation by DIY method, can be used semi-permanently without the need of a filter

In addition to sterilization, Wise Clean Zone takes care of the space itself. Air purifiers in general use HEPA filters to remove fine dust and odors, but there is a risk of bacterial propagation in the filter and sterilization performance is insufficient. Wise Clean Zone has sterilization, air purification, and even deodorizing effects, so it can solve the sick house syndrome that often occurs in apartments along with the deodorizing effect through plasma. It can also treat odors and fine dust, so it can be the best solution for homes with pets and children. 

Wise Clean Zone is easy to install, so anyone can DIY it. It operates automatically 24 hours a day, making it convenient to use, and once installed, it can be used semi-permanently. In addition to this, it has stylish design that goes well with stylish interior. It consumes only 35W of power per 72 hours and can also function as a sensor. For safety, flame retardant materials are used. 

Wise Door introduced Wise Clean Zone at the MBC Architecture Fair and received great reviews. Kim says, “At the moment, we have only one model, but in the future, we will introduce many excellent products that can change the space for better.”

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