Yoon attends the “57th Taxpayer’s Day Ceremony”

Yoon promotes the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs and holds a signing ceremony for the establishment of the Overseas Koreans Office 백종원 기자l승인2023.03.15l수정2023.03.15 14:08







Yoon attends the “57th Taxpayer’s Day Ceremony”

President Yoon participated in the ‘57th Taxpayer’s Day Ceremony’ held at COEX, Seoul Trade Center on Friday, March 3 at 10 am. He said that taxes faithfully perform the essential functions of the state, such as national defense, public order, judiciary, and administration, and provide support to the vulnerable and the socially underprivileged to realize the constitutional spirit of human dignity and value. He also said he would focus on providing jobs. 

He promised that the tax system would be operated transparently and fairly according to the law, and that, like the real estate tax in the past, he would not burden the people with excessive taxation and excessive infringement of property rights from obsessive politics and ideology. 

He said that no matter how difficult the national finances are, the self-employed, small business owners, and others who have difficulties in tax will not be excessively taxed. He said that tax objection procedures, review, and adjudication, would be swiftly dealt with in order to remedy the rights of the people, so that the “tax legalism” guaranteed by the Constitution would be realized practically, not formally. He emphasized that he would practice “welfare of the weak” to provide thick support to the vulnerable and the socially underprivileged, not populist “political welfare” to secure political camps and win votes. He announced that he would inject finance into places that can produce results to enhance international competitiveness through cutting-edge science and technology innovation, expand exports, and nurture startups. He pledged not to spend taxpayers’ money on political groups that engage in illegal activities outside of public interest or harm the national interest. 

He expressed his gratitude to the people who faithfully paid their taxes, reminding them that “tax payment is the starting point of freedom and solidarity.” He emphasized that he would do his best to create a country where the taxes paid by the people are well worth it and a country where taxpayers are proud. 

It is the first time in 53 years since 1970 that a president attended a taxpayer’s day ceremony. President Yoon attended the Taxpayer’s Day ceremony to directly express his gratitude to those who diligently fulfill their tax obligations despite difficult economic conditions due to the global crisis. About 1,000 people attended the event.


Yoon promotes the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs and holds a signing ceremony for the establishment of the Overseas Koreans Office

On the afternoon of Thursday, March 2, President Yoon carried out the first government re-organization in nine months after the inauguration. He held a public signing ceremony for the promulgation of the ‘Government Organization Act’, which promotes the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs and establishes the Overseas Koreans Office.

He emphasized that the dignity of a nation depends on who it remembers, and that the government will not forget those who responded to the call of the Republic of Korea under any circumstances. 

He said that the dazzling prosperity we are enjoying is the result of national heroes risking their lives to protect freedom, and that the most important mission of the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs is to spread good deeds of national heroes who should be respected. He promised that the government would respect national heroes responsibly and respect them without any negligence. 

He said that the establishment of the Overseas Koreans Office was something he had promised whenever he met Koreans during the election process or during overseas trips, and that he would strengthen policies tailored to each region and sector. 

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