Let us play Chinese and math with Chaipang Kids

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▲ Wecref / CEO Park Jeong-yeon

Let us play Chinese and math with Chaipang friends

Learn Chinese easy and fun through Chaipang Kids and Chaipang Chinese

Edutech company Wecref has developed ‘Chaipang Kids’, which allows children to learn Chinese and math with character friends. CEO Park Jeong-yeon paid attention to the fact that children who are not interested in studying benefit greatly from videos and songs. So, she is developing various educational apps and contents that children can learn while playing with the Chaipang character friends and a fantasy world where children can learn while playing together. 

Chaipang Chinese, which was developed in this way, is Chinese educational content that children can learn comfortably through songs without memorizing difficult Chinese characters and tones. The reason why children find Chinese difficult is that there are many Chinese characters, as well as the tones, that need to be memorized. Instead of learning Chinese by memorization, Wecref, therefore, devised a method of applying the pitch of the tones to the musical scale so that children could naturally learn the tones while singing without knowing the words. 

The Chaipang Chinese app can set the language, so you can learn not only Korean in Chinese, but also English in Chinese. In addition to conversation, there is ‘Chaipang Chinese Complete Works’, an auxiliary textbook that enables advanced courses such as vocabulary and writing, allowing children to learn Chinese for the first time and deepen their knowledge. Thanks to this excellent achievement, Wecref listed name in the winners of the 2023 Korea Education Industrial Awards for 2 years in a row following the last year. 


Learning basics of math while playing

From addition, subtraction, multiplication tables to arithmetic training: Chaipang Math

With a great success from Chaipang Kids, Wecref recently has developed Chaipang Math. It has Chaipang Addition, Chaipang Subtraction, and Chaipang Multiplication Table, and in particular, Chaipang Addition has been selected as a teacher-recommended app on Google Play. 

CEO Park said, “There are children who have difficulty with math operations. So, I started with the idea that they needed a way to learn in a fun way at their eye level. And thus born was Chaipang Math.”

Chaipang Math plans to be officially launched in the second half of this year. It is a learning content that can train all the addition and subtraction operations in the 1st and 2nd grade textbooks of elementary school. Since it is tailored to the textbook progress, children are possible to prepare for school lessons while practicing arithmetic and can check their performance in school lessons and build confidence. 

In particular, Chaipang Kids was recognized for its excellence and won the Early Education/Elementary category award from the Education Korea, and was selected for the Orange Label for 3 consecutive years. 

Following the Chaipang Kids YouTube channel, CEO Park has started English contents and is gradually expanding its scope. She said, “After completing Chaipang Math, I plan to add other subjects also. In the second half of this year, we will make Wecref known not as a Chinese language education company, but as a children’s education company.” 

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