Hanyang Cyber University Department of Senior Business recruits additional students for first semester of 2023

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While Hanyang Cyber University Department of Senior Business has completed the recruitment of freshmen and transfer students for the first semester of 2023, additional recruitment will be conducted until 9:00 pm on the 16th of this month. The department said, “Due to the high interest in the senior industry, the recruitment of new and transfer students this year also showed a smooth status. With the advent of the rapidly aging population, the issue of jobs for seniors is being raised, and interest in fostering experts with practical skills is increasing accordingly. The department conducts additional recruitment of freshmen and transfer students and tries to provide industry-related practical theories and knowledge that can be applied immediately in the field.”


Interest in the health category

will become an important factor in the senior industry market

The biggest advantage of Hanyang Cyber University Department of Senior Business is that you can acquire nationally recognized qualifications and start a business through senior business seminars as well as making for graduate level study home and abroad. The courses are diverse, including health, economy, housing, and leisure, and the department operates a life planner certification course in collaboration with the Korea Association for Life Planning. 

Among the numerous parts provided by the department, PowerKorea predicts that industrial needs for ‘health’ will increase even more. The department professor Kim Shin-young also pointed out ‘health’ as the keyword of this year in an the interview held January. The department professor Choi Sook-hee shared the same opinion. “In fact, the young generation usually pays attention to how long they will be able to work. Uncertainty is probably what humans struggle with the most. In particular, we feel the uncertainty of old age even more. It’s because you don’t know when you’ll die, and it’s hard to predict how your life will change. I think ‘how long I can work’ is important, but I think ‘how I can live my old age in a healthy way’ should also be focused. Even if the economic conditions are sufficient, travel and leisure are difficult if health is not good. I would like to assert that exercise and health are very important in coping with old age.” 

No one will dispute the fact that interest in the senior industry will increase in the future. This is because we are facing an unprecedented “super-aging society.” The reason why Hanyang Cyber University Department of Senior Business is attracting attention is that it is an interdisciplinary major course with competitiveness that matches the social trend.


Hanyang Cyber University Department of Senior Business

The best silver industry education institution that won the grand prize in the silver industry education sector for 2 consecutive years

The department graduates are usually active as silver lecturers and consultants. In last year’s recruitment, the number of students increased by 54% compared to the previous year. The department won the grand prize in the silver industrial education category for two consecutive years at the 2023 17th Korea Education Industrial Awards held earlier this year for excellent performance. 

Professor Kim, head of the department, said, “This year, I think the senior market will be further segmented due to the retirement of the baby boom generation. The department continues research and educational activities for the senior industry from a business perspective based on demographic and economic understanding of the aging era, which is the sole case in the nation. I am confident that this department will be the most practical and efficient major in an aging society. Korea is the fastest aging country in the world. It is urgent to provide support and information on how to care for the growing elderly population and help them live on their own. At this important time, the department will make more efforts to present a new milestone. We ask for your interest and support.”

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