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There is a company that has succeeded in localizing geosynthetics non-woven fabric: Sungwoo TM. Boasting excellence in Prefabricated Vertical drain, pet woven geotextile and silt protector, the company is leading innovation in the soft ground treatment at home and abroad. CEO Yoo Young-ho has 15 years of expertise in the field and established Sungwoo TM in 2008, nestled in Haman-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do. With a greater focus on production of geosynthetics, he is making a new history in the construction field by effectively preventing soft ground subsidence. The main products are drain board products such as vertical drainage (PVD)/horizontal drainage (PHD) used in construction of ports, landfills, roads, railways, rivers, and industrial complexes, as well as PET MAT and tube products. The company also has a wide range of product lines that serves various purposes.


▲ Sungwoo TM / CEO Yoo Youngho

[Vertical Drain Board]

World’s first patented air-cooled type application to vertical drain board and horizontal drain board for soft ground

Superior drainage performance and efficiency compared to existing water cooling systems through differentiated production methods and technologies

Up to 30% reduction in construction costs, maintenance of drainage performance up to a maximum depth of 70 meters

The vertical drainage material developed by Sungwoo TM with differentiated technology and experience is a product that promotes ground consolidation. It is composed of a combination of plastic core and non-woven fabric. The plastic core is applied with the patented air-cooled method for production, which is the first case in the world, and the non-woven, combined with it, is developed jointly with K company in 2011 that contributed to the localization. Before then, it was imported from Europe. This non-woven fabric made of PET material is resistant to UV, does not easily corrode even when exposed for a long time, and has excellent water permeability. It also has been evaluated as effective in the treatment of soft ground consolidation because it has an appropriate AOS that can delay clogging as long as possible even if it is exposed for a long time in the ground. In particular, this nonwoven fabric plays a significant role in the consolidation treatment of soft ground to the extent that it was audited by the National Assembly in the early 2000s. 

Sungwoo TM’s air-cooled vertical drain is superior in drainage performance and effect by 20-30% compared to water-cooled products adopted by other companies. Since the performance is maintained even during the bending/offset phenomenon that occurs during the consolidation period after the underground type, the maximum effect can be obtained by extending the performance of the drainage material. As a result, Sungwoo TM’s air-cooled vertical drainage material reduces construction costs by 20-30% compared to water-cooled product. In addition, the product is light and easy to handle, so the construction efficiency is high, and it is possible to construct 15,000m ~ 25,000m in 8 hours of work with one type machine. The combination of a filter with excellent water permeability and the plastic core differentiated by depth maintains excellent drainage performance that can be used in the field up to the maximum depth of 70 meters in Korean project.(Busan New Port)


Significant achievements by applying vertical drainage to individual vacuum consolidation

Successfully completed field test construction in Southeast Asia

Sungwoo TM achieved great results by applying the vertical drainage material to the individual vacuum consolidation method construction with D construction company located in Busan for the first time in Korea, and successfully completed overseas field test construction to advance into the Southeast Asian market. “I am confident that the vacuum consolidation method, which draws water from the ground by operating a vacuum pump, is faster and more economical than the existing method using soil load, and is a perfect method that captures the leakage of vacuum pressure.” Taking this as an opportunity, Sungwoo TM plans to expand its business area to the field of vacuum consolidation method construction beyond the stage of producing and supplying soft ground treatment materials, and enter the global market starting with Southeast Asia.


[Horizontal Drain Board]

Roll-type horizontal drainage material that supplements the existing plate-type drainage material

Solving the problem of drainage layer material shortage by replacing aggregate and sand to preserve the environment

Sungwoo TM’s horizontal drainage (roll type) is a product that has improved the problems of existing plate-type drainage materials, such as the inflow of foreign substances into the joint, slow construction speed, and weak bonding strength. By using a differentiated non-woven bonding method (ultrasonic -> sewing), the company is producing products with lower drainage resistance and increased bonding strength when combined with vertical drainage materials, and products that are structured and designed to maintain drainage performance even under high earth pressure. The horizontal drainage material has excellent tensile strength, compressive strength, and drainage performance, so it can secure the stability of civil engineering work sites and reduce construction costs. Designed and manufactured to replace sand and aggregates used as horizontal drainage layers according to the user’s purpose, these products not only reduce construction costs but also contribute greatly to resolving the problem of insufficient drainage layer materials and environmental pollution. 

The horizontal drainage material is strong against acid and alkali by using polyolefin-based polymer material, and has excellent durability and corrosion resistance against organic matter and bacteria in the soil. There are few joints between drainage materials, so it has several advantages, such as no disconnection of drainage due to separation of the connection part. 



Weaving with high-strength yarn for special industries, reinforcement of soft ground, securing of heavy equipment drivability, prevention of soil loss

Development of large-sized tube ‘bon tube’, alternative effect of geo tube, use of soil, mud and mixed aggregate as filling material

Sungwoo TM’s PET MAT (Polyester Mat) product is a high-quality civil engineering reinforcement material woven with high-strength yarn for special industrial use according to the use and purpose after studying and reviewing the fabric structure in depth. Using high-strength synthetic fiber, it has high tensile strength per unit weight and uniform water permeability, and the material is flexible and has a higher specific gravity than water, so it is easy to install underwater. PET MAT products are used for stabilization such as reinforcement of soft ground and prevention of unequal subsidence during port, land reclamation, and industrial site construction, prevention of scouring of the lower part of gravel stone in the shelter during dredging reclamation, securing drivability of heavy equipment, and prevention of soil loss. PET mats are highly resistant to heat and chemicals, so they are hardly affected by chemicals, and are advantageous for use in open-air storage. Meanwhile, Sungwoo TM developed a large tube (Bon-Tube) using PET MAT fabric and succeeded in localizing it as a product that can replace the existing imported product, Geotube. GeoTube, which uses sand as a filling material, is not easy to supply and requires high construction costs, while Sungwoo TM’s Bon Tube is highly adaptable to the site because it can use general earth sand, mixed aggregate, and mud as a fill material. Recently, the bag has been designed to be applied to retaining walls and bridgeheads by reducing the size, and it is expected to be supplied to many sites from 2023. 


Developing high-quality and highly functional geosynthetic materials and new technologies with major companies and small and medium-sized enterprises to secure global competitiveness

50% share of the domestic geosynthetics market, including national projects, recognized for its quality excellence

Established a branch office in Jakarta, Indonesia, spurring overseas market penetration

Sungwoo TM’s drainage products, which have secured reliability such as Q-Mark, R-Mark, and ISO 9001 certification, have been recognized for their excellence in product quality at civil engineering sites, and are recognized as a national policy implemented by LH Corporation, Water Resources Corporation, and Busan Port Corporation.. It is widely used in business and occupies an unrivaled position with a 50% share of the domestic geosynthetics market. As part of the development of eco-friendly materials, Sungwoo TM produces and sells vertical drainage and horizontal drainage products that are biodegradable in the ground, as well as high-quality and high-functionality suitable for use and purpose through joint R&D and collaboration with major construction companies and small and medium-sized enterprises. The company is contributing to the development of related industries by developing geosynthetic materials and new technologies.

Sungwoo TM reduced its dependence on imports through the localization of geosynthetic materials, secured global competitiveness through the development of world-class products, and stood tall as a small but strong company leading the geosynthetics market. Currently, the company has established branches in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do and Jakarta, Indonesia, and is accelerating its efforts to target overseas markets. CEO Yoo Young-ho said, “We will quickly supply Sungwoo TM’s excellent products that have been verified at the construction site to the global market and build international reliability. We will continue to research products optimized for global environmental preservation and new construction methods, and will lead innovation in related industries.” 

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