No more smombie traffic accidents!! Smart crosswalk safety system tailored to the public eye level Excellent effect in preventing smombie traffic accidents and nighttime pedestrian accidents: Sungpoo

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Excellent effect in preventing traffic accidents and night walking accidents: Sungpoong Solled’s Floor Type Pedestrian Traffic Light

Interlocking with the traffic signal system, establishing pedestrian convenience and safety infrastructure, helping to improve the look of the city

In a survey of 1,000 people aged 15 and older living in Seoul, 69% responded that they use their smartphones while walking. As a result of investigating 1,726 cases of pedestrian negligence accidents reported to a large insurance company, 61.7% occurred while using a mobile phone, and among them, the most accidents occurred at crosswalks. In particular, the nighttime pedestrian accident rate was found to be about 1.7 times higher than the daytime pedestrian accident rate.

The LED Floor Type Pedestrian Traffic Light developed by Seongpoong Solled are showing excellent effects in preventing traffic accidents involving smombies as well as pedestrians at night. The company developed LED Floor Type Pedestrian Traffic Light for the first time in Korea and is leading the market. 

It was developed for the first time in 2017 through a national performance support project supervised by the Korea National Police Agency and the Korea Road Traffic Authority. In 2018, it was pilot-installed and operated in Donong Station, Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, Suncheon National University, Jeollanam-do, and Dongrae-gu, Busan, and received excellent reviews. In March 2019, it was approved as a National Police Agency Traffic Safety Facility. Son Jeong-won, chairwoman of Seongpoong Solled, said, “The pedestrian traffic accident rate has soared to 63%, and the type of pedestrian accident has changed. The root cause is that the smombies do not follow their duty to protect themselves while crossing. Therefore, we developed a floor walking traffic light that works in conjunction with the existing pedestrian traffic light. With this product, we can expect the effects of preventing traffic accidents, preventing pedestrians from jaywalking, constructing traffic safety infrastructure, and improving urban look at night.”


90% increase in traffic signal compliance rate, great effect in preventing traffic accidents at right-turn crosswalks

Korea Road Traffic Authority plans to install floor traffic lights to prevent accidents when right-turn

The LED Floor Type Pedestrian Traffic Light flicks in green and red in line with the existing traffic signals to deliver clear message to both vehicles and pedestrians including the smombies who look down most of the time. This is in the form of an LED bar, consumes 3.5W of power at room temperature (25﹎), and varies power consumption during dimming control. Since it is installed on the floor where the eyes of the smombies are concentrated, the biggest advantage is that they can read the walking signal even if they do not pay attention. After the Korea Road Traffic Authority installed floor traffic lights in central Seoul, it was operated and analyzed for five months. As a result, it was confirmed that the traffic signal compliance rate increased by 90% and that the smombie accidents were effectively prevented. Floor traffic lights are also having a very positive effect on preventing ‘crosswalk accidents by vehicles turning right’. Under new traffic regulations, drivers must stop when turning right at a pedestrian signal. Since the floor traffic lights have high visibility and are installed in the most visible position of the driver, the driver can quickly check and stop without missing the walking signal after turning right. Last August, the Korea Road Traffic Authority announced plans to install floor traffic lights in places with low visibility. This can be interpreted as the fact that the government also recognizes the effect of floor traffic lights on the prevention of pedestrian traffic accidents at crosswalks after turning right. 


‘Adequate production according to the standard guidelines for floor traffic lights’ 100-step brightness control dimming function, high visibility and no glare

‘All in one responsible management’ from production to installation and maintenance, designated as an excellent product and innovative product by the Public Procurement Service for the first time in Korea

As mentioned above, floor traffic lights show excellent effects in preventing various types of pedestrian traffic accidents. However, a negative factor is that a great effect cannot be expected during the day, and glare can occur at night due to too bright light. In addition, pedestrian slipping accidents may occur due to floor traffic lights, and the burden of maintenance is also a problem that needs to be addressed. For this reason, the government has issued a standard guideline for floor-type pedestrian traffic lights, and Sungpoong Solled’s floor traffic lights are perfect products that meet these standard guidelines. 

All in one responsible management from production to installation of products is also a big difference of the company. It is a localized product using only parts produced in Korea, and the head office directly constructs it through accurate field measurements. The company also has established 7 branches nationwide to provide maintenance services. Sungpoong Solled’s floor traffic lights was selected as an innovative product by the Public Procurement Service for the first time in Korea through technology evaluation and was designated as an excellent product. According to the evaluation, after installing this product, jaywalking was reduced by more than 90%, and the visibility at night range and the signal compliance rate were improved by 90%. In addition, the accident rate decreased by 61.7%, and signal violations were reduced from an average of 24,000 to 7,000. Sungpoong Solled’s floor traffic lights, whose effect has been confirmed, have been installed in about 50,000 locations across the country.


Sungpoong Solled floor traffic light, attracting attention from around the world, spotlighted by various media including CNN

Sugpoong Solled’s floor traffic lights are introduced in various overseas media and are attracting great attention worldwide. Gracie, an American CNN correspondent who visited Korea this year, praised the Sungpoong Solled’s floor traffic light installed in downtown Seoul (in front of Konkuk University Station). She said that she feels like she is in a future city and Korea’s progress is amazing and the smombie crosswalk is a great idea that can prevent traffic accidents. She took a video of Koreans crossing the crosswalk safely at the traffic light and posted it on her social media, and the video received great attention. The video shows many people standing in front of a crosswalk, looking at their phones with their heads down, then crossing the street in unison when the light turns green. As the video quickly spread abroad, including the United States, CNN organized and broadcast it as a special. 

The floor traffic light is an innovative product that no one in the world has ever thought of, and is evaluated as the best product to prevent smombie accidents. Many people who watched the video praised Son Jeong-won, chairman of Sungpoong Solled, who developed the world’s first traffic light. 


▲ Sungpoong Solled / Chairwoman Son Jeong-won

Success achieved through long-standing know-how and technology for road facilities, and persevering management philosophy

Continuing development of new traffic safety technologies that will be the core of future smart cities

The success of the world’s first floor traffic light was possible thanks to chairman Son Jeong-won’s long-standing know-how and technology for road facilities and his persevering management philosophy. The company has recorded annual sales of 20 billion won by 2022 and is dreaming of reaching 100 billion won. The company is also actively exploring overseas markets. 

Under the slogan of ‘Illuminating the safety of the people’, the company is currently developing products that can solve the problem of right turn traffic lights and black ice, and is concentrating on various new traffic safety technologies that will be the core of future smart cities. Chairman Son said, “We are doing responsible management. As this is a project that is funded by the national budget, we are working on it with a sense of great responsibility. Our goal is to create a world where people around the world can safely cross the road and more safety measures where needed.”

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