Daegu’s landmark date course: Melting Point

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Recently, there is a handmade craze in which people create things that suit them with their own hands. In modern society, the meaning of an object is more important than possession. Among them, the ring has recently changed to reflect the desire of people who want to reveal their individuality more. More and more people are learning the art of making their own rings to commemorate special occasions. Melting is a company that operates its workshop ‘Melting Point’ to meet this increasing demand. 


Your own ring in one place

High-quality rings made with experts

Melting Point operates reservation-based one-day classes for one or two persons alongside group classes. Melting Point’s diverse and systematic curriculum teaches people about the beauty of metal crafts and helps them make their own jewelry. While making jewelry, experts provide assistance in detail, and most of them are experts who majored in crafts. For this reason, the rings made at Melting Point are popular because of their higher quality than other handmade rings.


Easily make your own ring with 1:1 class

Popular as a date spot

The 1:1 class allows ordinary people who have no experience in metal craft to easily make their own high-quality and unique ring. You can choose the thickness, gloss, plating, type of cubic and set the design you want. You can also engrave words or pictures on the ring through laser engraving. The ring shaped in this way is entrusted to the hands of an expert and undergoes heat treatment and additional processing to create a unique ring of its own. For this reason, many couples come to make couplings, and Melting Point has become one of the popular dating courses in Daegu. Melting Point currently operates four branches in Daegu, Daejeon, Busan, and Gyeongsang. 


▲ Melting Point / CEO Kim Hyun-min

A place where employees can realize their dreams

Opening a perfume workshop Melting Moment

CEO Kim Hyun-min, who thought that there were few opportunities for employees to spread their dream with ring workshop alone, opened Melting Moment, a perfume workshop. Here, you can create your own scent like a handmade ring. Melting Moment has reached its first year of operation, and CEO Kim also plans to start selling its own perfume brand soon. Melting Point has grown significantly to the extent that it now has a total of 4 branches and a total of 30 employees. It won the Grand Prize in the ‘precious metal manufacturing’ category at the 2022 Korean Popular Brand Awards and the 2022 Customer Satisfaction Brand Awards. 

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