Ideal performance with Cocker release practice gloves

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Designed for beginner and intermediate golfers

Cocker release practice gloves

The release practice gloves patented by Coker (CEO Park Jong-pal) are gloves developed to help golf beginners and intermediate players and golfers who need posture correction. The most important thing in golf is posture. Posture determines the accuracy of your throw, distance, and direction. CEO Park said, “When I started playing golf for about 4 or 5 years, maybe because I was older, the ball was different today and tomorrow, and there were many cases where I couldn’t hit it well. So after thinking about how to hit well, I was told by the side that I had to do a good release.” 


▲ Cocker / CEO Park Jong-pal

Vibrating only in the right posture to help you practice the release

You can see the effect of a real-like lesson

Release practice gloves are paired with a band worn on the wrist on the opposite side of the glove to help release practice with the principle that vibration makes sounds when the release posture is correct. That is, if the release posture is not proper due to poor posture, the vibration is quickly cut off, and it can be seen that the posture is wrong. Conversely, if the vibration is felt for a long time, it means that the release posture is maintained continuously, so you can practice while checking yourself. CEO Park said, “When we take lessons from the players, there are very few cases where the players stay attached. So, you practice as it is without knowing you are wrong, but these gloves do not vibrate if they go wrong, so you can correct your posture until you vibrate and you can see the effect like you receive real lessons.” He advised that for accurate practice, you should adjust the sensor part of the wristband so that you can feel the vibration of the standard release section.


Providing highly functional products with technology and know-how

Supplying the best products at reasonable prices

The life of the battery used in Coker’s release practice gloves is about 4 months if you practice 200 times an 1 hour every day. The gloves have already been tested 24,000 times and are not only vibrating to hold their posture, but also comfortable to wear. The material is light and soft lycra spandex fabric, and thanks to this, the grip is very good. The banding on the wrist also holds the wrist firmly, so it stably applies power when swinging and increases the accuracy of the swing. The fabric is also treated with air holes, so it is highly breathable, providing a pleasant play even when playing. The wristband not only serves as a sensor, but also serves as a health band, helping relieve elbow and shoulder pain when worn. The company has applied for a patent for the recently developed ‘self-release check device’ and is developing an upgraded version of the release practice gloves at the moment. The version being developed this time is designed for players who suffer from slumps and need release practice. CEO Park said, “We provided existing products to the players, but depending on the players, there were people who did or did not release well. We are developing it for such players.” Alongside, Park is preparing to improve the wristband into a wearable type that is more comfortable to wear. He contacted Vietnamese buyers to advance into the overseas market and helped establish the Asian Women’s Professional Golf Association to promote the domestic golf culture.

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