Integrated healing of the people’s mind and body health through customized medical services

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Pursuing participant-centered, excellent welfare, and facility development through 4:3:3 operation

Providing integrated medical services from health checkup to mind care

Jeollanam-do Heart Health Healing Center Director Lee Jeong-han is the director of Wonkwang University Korean Medicine Hospital and the director of Wonkwang University Jangheung Integrative Medical Hospital. He opened the center with the paradigm shift in treatment and various adverse events that befell people. He said, “There are physical problems due to Corona virus, but problems related to the mind and spirit, such as depression, have been emerged. With such a broken heart, the center was established with the goal of providing healing beyond treatment to those who are losing their health.” He is emphasizing ‘4:3:3’ operation. 40% of management profits are invested in program participants, 30% in employee welfare, and the remaining 30% in improving and modernizing the center facilities. He believes that the first focus of the center’s operation is to be a participant, and the second is that excellent employee welfare leads to excellent service. And he emphasizes that the third is non-deteriorating facilities and continuous preparation for development. 

▲ Jeollanam-do Heart Health Healing Center / Director Lee Jeong-han

Providing customized integrated medical services anytime, anywhere 

Contributing to the revitalization of the local economy especially the oriental medicine industry

The center is organizing various programs to provide customized integrated medical services anytime and anywhere. The center has a ‘Heart Rest’ program for public servants close to COVID-19, a ‘Mental Health-UP’ program for small business owners, a ‘Eoullim’ program for multicultural families, a ‘Warmth’ program for pregnant women, and a ‘Mind Youth’ program for seniors aged 65 and older. 

Building a cooperative system with city/county mental health welfare centers

Winning SMEs and Startups Minister’s Prize at Innovation Winner 2022

The center established a cooperative system with each city, county, and mental health welfare center in Jeollanam-do. Through this, it is operating a linked system that enables early screening and registration of patients with mental health problems. From January 2022 to November 2022, a total of 1,701 people, including health officials in Jeollanam-do, police officers, firefighters, senior citizens over 65 years of age, small business owners, multicultural families, and members of municipal and county mental health welfare centers, visited the Jeollanam-do Heart Health Healing Center. In recognition of its achievements and contribution, the center received the SMEs and Startups Minister’s Prize at the Innovation Winner 2022. Director Lee said, “As a result of a satisfaction survey conducted on 1,200 participants in the program in 2022, we recorded a high score of 95.56. As a public institution, the center aims to improve the quality of life and contribute to public health rather than generating profits. Through this, we will continue to provide innovative medical services that relieve the pain of the body and mind of the Korean people and create a healthy society.” 

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