Connecting people to people, people to companies, and companies to companies

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Digital advancement has further expanded the realm of people’s lives. It has become possible to exchange information in real time with the other side of the globe and it also has become easier to connect people and companies whether it is hobby or business. However, managing and scaling “connections” has become more difficult. What is needed now is not just being able to reach people far away, but also communicating and receiving information more effectively. And the means to expand this ‘connection’ are needed more than ever.


▲ JEJE CoMMS / CEO Kim Joon-gang

Introducing the digital business card: SHIFT

Connecting people to people, people to companies, and companies to companies

Established in April 2018, JEJE CoMMS is a relational network solution venture company that connects people to people, people to companies, and people to stores. Its brainchild SHIFT converts paper business cards into digital ones, improves notarization and transfer information, and can be said to be the completion of mobile business cards with enhanced scalability, which is an advantage of digital business cards. SHIFT connects business partners, customers, and personal connections easily and conveniently anywhere in the world with a mobile phone. CEO Kim Joon-gang said, “Other companies are also providing services by making electronic business cards. However, most of their services are personal-oriented B2C. In the case of SHIFT, by providing B2B along with B2C, business cards of executives and employees can be converted into DX, and various corporate activities are possible through this.” SHIFT expanded its role as a means of marketing products and providing corporate information, rather than simply exchanging contact information. In addition, corporate managers can check and use various information such as joining, leaving, schedules, and contact information of business partners through the web manager page. Users can make SHIFT like their own minihompy and connect and manage people and business anywhere in the world. SHIFT provides various designs for you to make templates by entering information and you can edit them anytime. 


Expanding services to 178 countries on occasion of participating in CES  January next year

SHIFT finds and recommends people and business you want to know in multi languages. JEJE CoMMS provided free B2B corporate services to small business owners and startups in April 2022 as a way to promote digital transformation. In particular, the company is dreaming of expanding into the HRM market by participating in the CES scheduled to be held in Las Vegas, USA in January next year. CEO Kim expressed his aspirations, saying that he is also looking forward to a good meeting with Linked in, a global personal network platform service through this. Currently operating in 35 countries, SHIFT plans to expand its services to 178 countries through the CES exhibition next month. 


QR code alarm for relocating a parked car without exposing private phone number

In South Korea, drivers leave their phone number right below the front glass of the car in case someone needs to contact them to ask relocation of the car. The problem is that this private number is exposed to strangers and drivers feel a bit unsafe. To solve this problem, JEJE CoMMS developed ‘QR Alert’, a parking movement request service using SHIFT’s QR code, and has been providing the service since last August. By using this, drivers do not need to leave their personal phone number in the car. It also protects the personal information of the requester. As soon as it was released, LIG Nex1 has proven its effectiveness to the extent that it is using the services. A business partnership is also underway with a car insurance company at the moment. 

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