Revealing the unknown sea with the CiLab’s IWD series

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▲ CiLab / CEO Hwang Yo-sup

Underwater as if on land

Korea’s first mass-produced IWD3 as ROV for underwater exploration

CiLab is an unmanned self-driving platform company that develops underwater exploration robots. IWD3 is Korea’s first mass-produced ROV developed by the company. It is a drone that can film underwater and can be used for various purposes including education. The direction can be controled with the motor attached to the main body. Hovering can be possible underwater by attaching a self-waterproof IMU sensor, and underwater shooting can be performed in high-definition through the FULL HD camera on the main controller. IWD3 uses gravity-supported underwater cables with a maximum tension of 100 kg to provide freedom of movement. In addition, it prevents body loss and minimizes body damage with reinforced aluminum. It is easy to set up and has an intuitive interface that takes less than a minute to prepare and acquire the equipment. Since this was developed as GUI, information on each environment can be known and interlocked with the joypad. In addition, the attitude value of the IWD, water depth, and water temperature information can be additionally obtained when attached IMU. 


From underwater bridges, plants and ports to ship sewage and fish farms

IWD6 with dual cameras received great response at Drone Show Korea

IWD3 periodically photographs the damage of underwater bridges, plants, and ports to secure data and can also inspect the underside of the ship. It also helps management by periodically obtaining information on fish farms, waste in nets, feed scraps, and dead fish. IWD6 adds a camera on top of IWD3, and the lighting is nearly 7 times brighter with up to 3,000 lumens, so it can convey underwater situations more realistically. IWD6 is twice the battery capacity of the IDW3. Users can monitor and control it with a console PC, and a Ping 360 imaging sonar monitoring function is also added. A program that can store and download 32GB of video and photos is also provided. IWD6 was introduced at the 2022 Drone Show Korea and received a great response. 


Spurring development of autonomous driving mobility and robotics

Development and supply of products that can incorporate various technologies 

CiLab develops mobility and robotics technology based on autonomous driving technology and supplies products that can be applied to various fields. The company is already developing, mass-producing and selling self-driving car platforms and unmanned watercraft: CiLAB X Series. It adopts a forward control algorithm and is similar to a vehicle on the real road. In addition, it has been proved for unmanned autonomous driving by using Li-Dar, ultra-high-definition image, and depth camera.  The front wheel is directional rotation and the rear wheel is applied with electric differential system. The mounted SLAM A1 high-end Li-Dar is adjustable from 7 to 16 Hz without limitation. It can be scanned by frequency, and since the lidar has a separate switch, it can be turned on and off at any time. In the case of data transmission, it can be sent and received with a USB-C type cable. In addition, since the Python OLED display is installed, you can easily check the status of IP, CPU, and internal memory. The user can set and change the content, and also change the form. The front wheel is made of full metal structure and consists of 8 precision shafts, so parts such as screws do not easily wear out. Assembly is simple and rotation precision is high. Since it was developed with the ROS robot control system, which is the mainstream of robots around the world, secondary development is possible more easily and conveniently with various learning and manipulation software included. In the field of robotics, CiLab is also developing ballbots, bicycle robots, unicycle robots, and quadrupedal walking robots for educational and research purposes. The company demonstrated these achievements(Underwater drone, CiLab X1) at ‘DIFA 2021’ and ‘2021 Robot Sale Festa’. The company won an award for establishing a web-based underwater SOC maintenance preemptive response monitoring platform at the 2021 Korea Water Industry Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, in which 125 teams (434 people) participated. The company also won the Daegu Mayor Award at DIFA 2022.


Localization of underwater products

First Penguin Startup, and selected as 1000 Innovative Companies by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries

The biggest advantage of CiLab is that it localizes and commercializes various parts and products necessary for these technologies. Through this, the company is taking the lead in commercializing autonomous driving technology and activating next-generation robot technology. CEO Hwang said, “I think that if it can be operated in domestic waters, it can be recognized as an excellent product in any sea area in the world. Localization of underwater products has not yet been achieved. So we ask for government support for this while we are doing our best.” CiLab, which has been recognized for its technological prowess and contributions, was selected as a First Penguin company in 2022 that will lead the new industry in Gyeonggi Province. The company also was selected for the 1000 Innovative Companies by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries. 

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