‘NF-AIR’ leads domestic tourism business with thrilling water aviation

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▲ NF-AIR / CEO Nam Ki-young

over Korea’s natural tourism resources that are comparable to anywhere else in the world, and make them accessible in terms of time and space.” says Nam Ki-young, CEO of NF-AIR. 

NF-AIR, the first and only company in Korea to establish a flag in the water aviation business, is accelerating the promotion of new tourism business. The company has been operating the Cheongpung Lake water airfield located in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do, and has been operating the first domestic tourism business using amphibians. Sightseeing flights using seaplanes are groundbreaking to get away from everyday life and enjoy local landmarks and natural scenery. Because you can enjoy water leisure at the same time, you can feel cool and thrilled and this makes it as a luxury type of leisure enjoyed by people in rich countries. 


Promoting groundbreaking work in the tourism industry, contributing to national development and revitalization of the local economy

The distance from Seoul to Cheongpung Lake is 174 km. It takes more than 2 hours and 30 minutes by car, but if you use a seaplane, you can enjoy the highest quality service and go comfortably in 35 minutes. Regarding the opening of such a new route, CEO Nam said, “We are discussing with the relevant departments,” and assured that “it will be a wonderful thing.” NF stands for New Frontier and it was established in 2015. CEO Nam explained the background of this newly rising business by saying, “Korea, with thousands of islands, has natural resources,” and “it is suitable for the water flight business to be run because we have many beautiful tourism resources such as Ulleungdo and Heuksando, if I name just two, that can be developed like Jeju Island.” Nam ads “This business can be started only when there is a will to push ahead with groundbreaking work in the Korean tourism industry and a sense of calling to help vitalize the national and regional economy.” 


LCC low-cost airlines introduce electric airplanes to reduce carbon emissions

Preparing to become a semi-large airline 

Cheongpung Lake is so beautiful that it is called as an inland sea.  NF-AIR plans to make the Cheongpung Lake water airfield a landmark in Jecheon by linking it with local cultural festivals such as cherry blossom festivals, Cheongpungho youth festivals, music and film festivals and health-related festivals. CEO Nam plans to provide food through bakeries, cafes, and restaurants near the runway, and to provide aviation-activity centers for children dreaming of becoming aviators. CEO Nam is also planning to create a date course using the beautiful natural scenery and night view of Cheongpung Lake, a place for marriage proposal, and a wedding ceremony using a seaplane that will create unforgettable memories at a precious moment in a lifetime. If a direct flight from Seoul to Ulleungdo is newly established, it will be possible to travel 354 km in 1 hour and 30 minutes which CEO Nam is considering taking part in operation. Currently, the airplane operated by NF-AIR is a 6-seater ‘Sestar T-206’, which runs a course from Cheongpung Lake to Woraksan Mountain to Sobaeksan Mountain and to Chiaksan Mountain in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do. Nam says “NF-AIR has a license that can be used both at sea and on land. We are also planning to obtain a transport license in the second half of 2023 for our passenger transport business. Safety is the most important factor in operating an airline. We always maintain the best operating conditions through systematic management and inspection of aircraft, engines, and parts.“ In recognition of contribution to the industry, NF-AIR recently received 2022 Korea Industrial & Social Contribution Awards in the category of aviation tourism. The company scored high for its efforts to revitalize the local economy by overcoming operational difficulties despite adverse factors in the overall tourism business due to the corona pandemic situation, contributing to the people’s relaxation and emotional content with high value-added tourism resources. Nam says “We endured all the hard moments, wind or rain. This is the result of all executives and employees working together to overcome the crisis by tightening their belts. In the future, together with the resort development business, we will bring in world tourism resources and carry out the door to door business.” NF-AIR is busy preparing to move forward as a semi-large airline in 2023, such as LCC low-cost airlines and the introduction of electric airplanes to reduce carbon emissions. On the 15th of last month, CEO Nam was invited to attend the Japan Day event hosted by Embraer, a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer. It was a test flight event for Japanese airlines. Currently, NF-AIR is trying to promote air route development and tourist passenger transportation business with the goal of achieving a one-hour flight to reach anyway within the nation.  

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