Creating shared values and leading eco-friendly energy through energy decentralization E-Verse will succeed in local energy self-sufficiency

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Advanced countries around the world are quickly introducing energy self-sufficiency policies, and Korea, which relies on energy imports for 90%, is also seeking various options. It is pointed out that energy development should not be entrusted only to companies, but that the local community should come together. In other words, local communities should realize greenhouse gas reduction with eco-friendly energy while reducing power consumption through self-sufficiency. 


Easily managing renewable energy with tablet PC and mobile

E-Verse, the GIS-based digital renewable energy resource management system

Shinsung E&S was established in February 2014 under the slogan of ‘creation of shared value, decentralization of energy’. The company is carrying out solar power plant construction and local residents’ participation-type energy projects with the goal of becoming a leading company in the field of eco-friendly new and renewable energy. Shinsung E&S is promoting a project to share the profits with local residents by installing them on shared land in rural areas and village warehouses. In other words, it is the core of the business that residents invest in the region and take a return on financial resources. 

The company aims to make people’s lives of the present and future rich through E.T. - Energy Technology made with R.T. - Relation Technology. What the company pays attention to is the direction of energy management. 

E-Verse developed by Shinsung E&S is a GIS-based digital renewable energy resource management system. GIS (Geographic Information System) is an information system that converts geographic information necessary for life into computer data. It integrates and manages location data and attribute data and provides various types of information such as maps, diagrams and pictures. E-Verse is a resource management system that applies this to the energy field and provides accurate energy source information using a digital map. You can check energy resources and energy supply statistical data in the region, and it expresses a digital map that is clearer and more accurate than satellite maps. In this way, various forms of visceral site information are provided through 3D viewers or images. In addition, through group settings, you can visualize the distribution of destination groups and use the marker function to create your own destination list or easily manage destinations based on data sheets. E-Verse is more convenient because it is perfectly compatible with tablet PCs and mobile devices. Shinsung E&S obtained first-class software quality certification and related patents through E-Verse, and completed registration of trademark rights and copyrights.


Development of harmonious renewable energy technology that can improve the quality of life 

Energy conversion space for local residents

The company is promoting a new business to create a local energy ecosystem through cooperation with residents. As part of this, the company registered a patent for a solar power demand management device in rural areas in 2017, and in 2019 signed a public-private MOU to supply and spread renewable energy in Daedeok-gu. The company has been working steadily with Daedeok-gu since 2019 through a new and renewable energy supply project called ‘Convergence Support Project’. CEO Kim Young-deok said, “We are headquartered in Yeongdeok, Gyeongsangbuk-do, but most of our employees work in Daejeon and are specialized in new and renewable energy. We mainly work on supplying solar energy, a representative renewable energy source, and are also working hard to create a healthy and fair local energy ecosystem.” One day, he heard about the Daedeok Energy Café, on which residents shared information on energy. Kim said, “I was impressed by the activities of meeting and talking with local residents on this cafe everyday about new renewable energy.” Inspired by this, Shinsung E&S participated in the Miho-dong net zero public market project to create more places like this to think about energy conversion with local residents. 


Net zero public market project as a role model for self-sufficiency in small cities

Net zero refers to a state in which the emission and absorption of greenhouse gases that cause changes in the global climate are in balance. Shinsung E&S thinks that companies are not responsible for this net zero alone, but the local community is making great efforts to achieve it together. One of the projects is being carried out in Miho-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon. This net zero public market aims to remodel an abandoned community building in Miho-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, which is a water source protection and development restriction zone, into an energy conversion facility and space for residents. Shinsung E&S invested about 100 million won in this place. Eco-friendly agricultural products markets are held here, renewable energy programs are provided, and renewable energy convenience facilities are to be run. In addition, a meeting space is provided so that residents can gather together to discuss and share information about eco-friendly energy. CEO Kim said, “Starting with Miho-dong, we want to make small provincial cities across the country into energy self-sufficient and energy conversion villages. While preserving the excellent natural environment, we are supplementing production facilities centered on renewable energy and creating a ‘resident practice program’ with local residents. It is recognized as a successful case and many officials of other regions are currently looking for benchmarking. We believe that it will become a successful model for energy self-sufficient villages.”

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