‘Magic On’, the world’s first water heater and dishwasher using waste heat

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Carbon neutrality has long since become a duty of states and corporations. It is a common opinion among environmental experts around the world that the earth can no longer withstand rising carbon emissions. To this end, various companies are coming up with various innovative ideas to prevent energy waste and reduce carbon emissions. Then people started paying attention to the energy we were wasting. Although we are consuming energy, there is energy wasted in the process. This is not simply due to waste, but also due to lack of technology. One of them is waste heat. Until now, waste heat has been a headache because heat energy is wasted and energy must be consumed to dispose of it. However, now that heat energy can be extracted from waste heat and used in our daily lives, many companies are paying attention to this waste heat energy.


Hot water without a boiler from wasted heat

‘Magic On’, the world’s first water heater and dishwasher

Founded in 2014, IDO(CEO Song Young-il), an energy-saving company, has launched the world’s first water heater combined dishwasher ‘Magic On’, which can be used without a water heater such as a boiler through a patented technology for ‘waste heat recovery of hot water’. 

‘Waste heat’ is the heat that is wasted to the outside in the process of using energy. Waste heat is necessarily generated in places where energy is used, such as exhaust gas heat from boilers, cooling water from power plants, and hot water from bathrooms. For example, the hot water we use to wash our bodies in winter is thrown away through the drain as it is. For another example, the water temperature discharged from industrial wastewater must be kept below 40 degrees Celsius, but heat energy is wasted because energy is used even in the cooling process. For this reason, many countries in Europe are already using waste heat as a new energy resource. 

IDO’s Magic On utilizes this waste heat to create hot water. Magic On’s energy saving system is an energy system that eliminates the need for external gas water heaters or gas (oil) boilers through heat exchange between high-temperature washing wastewater and tap water (groundwater). Thanks to this, it is possible to continuously wash and rinse with hot water even when only cold water is connected. As a result of the experiment, it was found that the temperature was maintained at 74°C or higher even after 30 cycles of average washing at 90 second intervals. This is because 20A corrugated pipes are inserted at fixed intervals of 8.4m inside the energy saving device to maximize thermal efficiency. Thanks to this, Magic On was born as the world’s first commercialized water heater and dishwasher. This is a hybrid system in which hot water was supplied to the dishwasher in the past, but hot water is supplied to the sink faucet so that hot water can be used in the sink. 


Disadvantages of dishwashers

Strengthening cleaning power and immediately discharges foreign substances

Waste water has a significant impact on the environment. The waste gas generated when the water heater is in operation pollutes the earth’s environment, and the discharge of waste hot water is also a major culprit in destroying the natural ecosystem. In this respect, Magic On can be said to be an eco-friendly and innovative dishwasher. 

Magic On, as a dishwasher itself, has improved durability and usability by making up for several shortcomings. Existing waste heat treatment equipment has a complicated structure, so it has many minor breakdowns and is difficult to repair in case of breakdown. IDO compensated for this by simplifying the tight space that was difficult for operators to reach during repairs, increasing usability during repairs and designing the controller to suit the customer’s eye level and position. 

In addition, Magic On has strengthened the cleaning power by purifying the washing water. General dishwashers use an overflow method, in which rinse water overflows and is discharged outside. On the other hand, since the washing water to be discarded does not stay in the washing machine during the washing time and is discharged in advance, the washing water level is low in the washing bucket, so the rinse water flows in. Thanks to this, contamination of the washing water is prevented and the washing power is enhanced by increasing the temperature of the washing water.

Since the raw water flowing into the rinse tub contains some foreign substances, separate cleaning is required if foreign substances are precipitated at the bottom of the rinse tub. Magic On uses a patented technology when supplying water to the washing tub, so that the rinse water at the bottom is supplied to the washing tub through the center pipe. Thanks to this, it flows into the washing tub like the bottom dregs and has a function of discharging the dregs at the bottom of the rinse tub. 


▲ IDO / CEO Song Young-il

Development of eco-friendly products such as automatic dilution machine and automatic skewer roaster. Neutral carbon emission with innovative products

The energy saving system used in Magic On can be commercialized separately and used in other areas, and IDO has developed various other eco-friendly products. One of them, the automatic diluter Imic, is a device that automatically dilutes the disinfectant solution for vegetables and utensils. It is possible to adjust the concentration once with the automatic diluter system and once with the precision control valve, and you can check the inflow of the disinfectant solution to be diluted with your own eyes. It is equipped with a reverse flow prevention system that prevents natural discharge of disinfectant and reverse flow, and prevents changes due to pressure differences by maintaining a constant pressure in the water supply pipe. Above all, since it operates without power, it is more environmentally friendly because it does not consume electricity. 

In the case of the automatic bamboo skewer roaster, you can grill the skewers as they are without the need for a fire plate or grill. Because it is grilled on a skewer, there is no need for a hot plate or grill, so there is no cleaning cost, and the outer surface is coated with strong far-infrared rays, so the outside is crispy like fried food, and the juicy meat is still moist. You can enjoy skewers more comfortably because the skewers are cooked in harmony. Above all, the biggest strength is that there is no smoke which is good for environment.

An official of the company says ““IDO will do its best to protect a clean environment by turning ideas into patented technology and into innovative products. We are determined to become a more eco-friendly company by practicing carbon emission neutrality.” 

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