Last fall, an exhibition of artist Seo Yu-jeong’s ki-painting dyed Jeju Island

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Last October, the opening of an exhibition by artist Seo Yu-jeong, a painter of Ki, at the Songak Mountain Sky Flower Cafe located in Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, drew a lot of attention. The opening show included a traditional dance by Seo, a haegeum performance by Master Cha Young-soo, a master of Jongmyo Jeryeak, National Important Intangible Cultural Property No. 1, and a guitar performance by Dr. Cho Yong-hyun.

Most of the works to be introduced in the ki-painting exhibition were created by the artist herself more deeply immersed in the beautiful natural scenery and spiritual energy of Jeju Island. Seo said, “I had new experiences that touched me. In particular, the works with luminous coloring were presented as special works that harmonize yin and yang by emitting another wave energy while shining in the dark. In other words, the concept of this Jeju exhibition is ‘purity, harmony, creation, and happiness’.” 

In Seo’s works, the scattering forms of light or circles, infinity marks, and whirlwinds often appear which are mainly drawn with fine ballpoint pens or fine felt-tip pens. Truly, a wonderful picture is born according to the feeling without thinking about anything. For the same reason, we call the paintings that are mainly created by ki training practitioners as ki paintings. Ki paintings are imbued with the energy of the sky, conveying the energy of love, peace, and happiness, while being loved by many people at various exhibitions for their aesthetic effect that makes the mind and body healthy. 

It is known that Seo, who is known as a representative artist of Ki-painting at home and abroad, started it after gaining the ability to heal while receiving meditation and Ki-training instruction to take care of her ailing body since she was a child. Seo said, “I suddenly entered the state of no self and started spontaneous ki-gong 12 years ago, and I developed the ability to heal, and I began to draw pictures to deliver healing energy to more people. Ki paintings are not drawn by my own will, but are drawn spontaneously from a deeper and purer consciousness where self-consciousness has disappeared. I wonder if this phenomenon occurs by contacting the cosmic consciousness, the source of love, peace, and life. Ki paintings are being created naturally through deep meditation and prayer.” 

If you look at Seo’s Ki paintings, you can feel that they are mostly composed of black hole paintings. All the black holes in the work emphasize the concept of ‘we are one’. It contains the meaning of projecting stronger power as the unified energy applied to the work grows explosively as it gathers. The goal of ‘longing for a unified world’ is very interesting. 

Meanwhile, Seo’s works are attracting attention both at home and abroad. She has been actively engaged in activities such as holding exhibitions of paintings all over the country and in many countries around the world. She became a hot topic among painting lovers that viewers would gain even more special energy when facing ki-painting in an attitude of emptying mind and receiving pure energy. She is a member of the Korean Fine Arts Association, the committee head of the Korea Mugoonghwa Arts Association, the operating committee head of the Korea Arts Association, and the external cooperation committee head of the Future Heritage Culture Forum. 

In this Jeju exhibition, all works were sold out and attracted high popularity. By resonating with the fundamental energy of the universe, it was recognized the value of energy as drawn only by the fundamental energy and waves of the universe. Compared to the past, Ki painting works, which had relatively little weight, are gradually becoming familiar to the public, such as appearing one after another through various art fairs. This means that the artistic perception of ki paintings has diversified, and that the value of health and good luck energy given by ki paintings as well as their work quality has been recognized for the first time. 

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