A nano heating technology removes dander of black ice on highways Installation-friendly for roads, bridges and ports with eco-friendly renewable energy

A next-generation snow melting system made built on nanotechnology: a nano heating film ‘Ecoway’ For ESG management and as a renewable energy 신태섭 기자l승인2022.11.24l수정2022.11.24 14:03







Black ice, which is the cause of major accidents in winter, is a phenomenon in which a thin layer of ice forms on the surface of the road. Black ice is a factor that more than doubles the number of road accidents in winter. As the name suggests, the color is dark, so no matter how carefully you look at it, you cannot see it. Although the government is spraying salt water, accidents still occur due to the slippery snow removal solution. Since the snow removal solution is salt water, it can also corrode roads and vehicles, shortening the lifespan of roads and vehicles. Good news is that Nano Electronics has introduced ‘Snow Melting’ made of nano technology and it is attracting great attention from industry insiders. 


Next-generation Snow Melting system made with nanotechnology, ‘Ecoway’ nano heating film

The Snow Melting is a system that prevents road freezing by automatically heating the ground according to temperature, humidity and snow by burying a carbon fiber heating wire under the pavement. Nano Electronics is a company that developed ‘Ecoway Nano Heating Film’ that can supplement the existing snowmelting system using nano technology. This company holds three technology-related patents developed by KAIST, and is focusing on transparent display electrode materials, low-voltage, high-efficiency heating materials, and ultra-sensitive sensor electrode materials. Ecoway is a product developed through the company’s outstanding nanotechnology, and uses a technology that heats with cotton instead of a wire using very fine nanofibers that are only 1/100th the size of a human hair. This is the biggest difference from the existing heating technology. It can keep the ground warm without heat loss, and the heating area has been increased 5 times compared to the existing heating cable. 


No risk of loss due to disconnection, prevention of corrosion problems

Blocking the source of corrosion caused by rainwater and leakage

Existing heating cables need to be buried after laying the floor with soil. If the heating wire is pressed in this state, it will be damaged, but if the wire is cut in only one place, it will stop working. The pressure of the asphalt during landfill is also a problem, but as various cars travel on the asphalt, damage caused by pressure is one of the difficulties of installing a heating cable. However, Ecoway perfectly compensated for the shortcomings of such heating cables. Ecoway was developed to withstand pressures higher than the normal load on the road to the extent that it passed a pressure test of about 9 tons. It has completed rapid cooling and thawing tests with no problems even with temperature changes, as well as bending tests, resistance changes, and water resistance tests. Above all, it is worth noting that there is no problem with the overall heat itself, even if it is damaged in an emergency. 


Ecoway for ESG and renewable energy heating

Ecoway is an eco-friendly product as its name suggests, and it operates with about one-tenth of the power of existing products. Since Ecoway uses bottom-up heating, there is little heat loss and it takes less time to heat up. As it takes less time and consumes less power, the power consumed to raise the temperature to 50°C is 3.3Wh, which is about one-tenth of that of other heating cable products. 


▲ Nano Electronics / CEO Kim Young-tae

Wide range of applications including roads, bridges, and ports

Ecoway is easy to install. It does not require complicated processes and can be installed quickly with road pavement. While the existing snowmelting system requires a budget of about KRW 4 trillion, the estimated cost of Ecoway is only KRW 373.8 billion, which is expected to reduce the installation cost by 87%. Nano Electronics plans to apply Ecoway not only to roads but also to bridges and ports vulnerable to freezing. In addition, the company has developed a high-efficiency nano heating jacket that can be applied to gas exhaust pipes during semiconductor and other manufacturing processes, and also is in the process of supplying smart heating chairs. In particular, the solar heating tumbler is being developed as a product that can be easily boiled and eaten even by people in remote areas of Africa where it is difficult to obtain electricity. CEO Kim says “I want to create an era where nanotechnology leads the electronics industry. We are aiming to become a global company beyond the best in Korea, and to become a leader in creating a new world in the field.”

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