‘Aleo’, a blockchain platform development company invested by Softbank and Samsung Next

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Aleo and Aleocoin are US blockchain platform development companies invested by Samsung Next, an investment subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, and SoftBank, Japan’s largest software distribution company and IT investment company. PowerKorea met with Yoon Kuk-won, chairman of Maxpia ICT, the company’s official domestic mining company.


Why are people crazy about coins?

Although some consumers and suppliers use virtual currency (coin) as a medium of transaction, the price volatility is too high to be used as a means to calculate or store the value of other goods. Nevertheless, what is the reason why so many people around the world are passionate about cryptocurrency (coin)? This is because many experts expect the effect of the emergence of cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology to democratize asset ownership, diversify value creation entities, and create new social and economic benefits. In the past, consumers purchased goods or one-time services to establish a relationship with producers, but now consumers own tokens issued within a specific producer’s ecosystem, which is used as a means of payment as well as limited edition goods or specific rights. 

Currently, while the global filecoin mining power has soared to 5.0EIB, miners from Greater China are attacking major electronics stores in Korea and sweeping away mining machine parts. As manufacturers’ supply schedules are being disrupted because they cannot keep up with the influx of demand from around the world, Maxpia ICT Chairman Yoon Kuk-won, who foresaw such a shortage of parts in advance, secured enough parts necessary for mining from the beginning of the mainnet, and was damage is minimized. 

“As an independent blockchain infrastructure provider, Maxpia ICT leverages its industry-leading expertise to provide customers with easy-to-use and efficient solutions for their diverse development needs, from the installation of secure decentralized and storage equipment. Maxpia ICT has a share of over 47% in domestic mining of Filecoin, the IPFS blockchain of Protocol Labs in the US. As a company with experience in manufacturing and operating more than 10,000 mining machines to establish itself as a file coin mining company, it is equipped with the nation’s largest virtual asset (cryptocurrency) mining IDC (Internet Data Center) facility. Aleo is a blockchain-based platform company based in Nevada, USA, conceived in 2016 for the purpose of research on programmable zero knowledge. ‘Alleo Network’ was founded in 2019 by Howard Wu and Michael Baller Colin Chin. The team is made up of world-class cryptographers, engineers, designers, and academics from Google, Amazon, UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, New York University, and Cornell University.“

There are currently over $1 billion in global investment in Aleo. The primary investment institutions are COINBASE, SOLANA, PROTOCOL LABS (FINECOIN), OPENSEA, and A16Z, and the secondary investment institutions are Samsung Next, Softbank Vision, TIGER GLOBAL, and SLOW VENTURES. 

The birth of bitcoin, a virtual currency, in 2009 heralded the digital era, and from 2013, value was formed under the theme of digital. Ethereum has created a theme of value increase with a technical coin since 2016, and the themes of NFT, METAVERSE, and DeFi are leading the increase in value from 2021. 

In the mid-1990s, the Post Office and Korea Telecom (now KT) argued that the use of the Internet was predominant, saying that the Internet was illegal, but South Korea has now become the world’s largest Internet powerhouse. Whether you want to play a leading role in designing and advancing future innovation is ultimately up to you.

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