Mini-interview on ‘Inclined Screw Power Generation Technology’

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Reporter. I would like CEO Jeong to look back on their first meeting.

Jeong: I think it has been almost 5 or 6 years since we first met. I didn’t have enough professional knowledge in the field of electronics development, so I looked for an expert in the maritime field and got to know Professor Shin Bum-shick. Gonggantech has been carrying out various activities with an emphasis on wave power generation. However, I found that the energy range is not stable, there are many variables, and the economic efficiency is low. So I focused more on algae development research, and Professor Shin was a great help.


Reporter. A lot of ideas and technologies are pouring out a year that do not shine. What do you two think about this?

Shin: Developer courage is needed first. Next is government-level support and the mindset of researchers who can work with developers. As a researcher, if I tell CEO Jeong one or two things, he points out ten kinds of feedback and shows them as results. It really is a good example as a developer.

Jeong: Even me, out of 100 ideas, there are only two or three commercialized cases. This is the point where I can get strength from a research institute. However, as Professor Shin just said, it is unfortunate that we tend to rely only on quantitative data first. From the developer’s point of view, I think that the screening criteria should be different between applying for a research project to a research institute and applying by an individual. 

Shin: It is time for us to consider introducing an R&D system that reflects the opinions of developers even though the idea does not guarantee a result. 


Reporter. Professor Shin. What do you think about Gonggantech’s inclined screw power generation technology, which is receiving attention recently?

Shin: CEO Jeong contemplates many things beyond the research that researchers need to do and concentrates on development. Personally, I really liked his idea. I gave feedback along the way and I learned a lot from watching his work on small-scale tidal power generation. CEO Jeong is more open as a developer and Gonggantech is a company that shows results. 


Reporter. Please briefly point out the scope to which inclined screw power generation technology can be applied.

Jeong: I am trying to develop a product that can provide a smartphone charging service by installing a screw generator on a tourist trail. In the first half of next year, the prototype will be installed in Gangneung, which has declared an eco-friendly city. Also, the place I have in mind is Busan, a representative maritime city. Haeundae is a world-famous attraction and is visited by many foreign tourists. It would be even better if a prototype was installed there and provided with landscaping, eco-friendly education, and charging service. 

Shin: Another option is to install an inclined screw power generation prototype at the point where the cooling water of the power plant comes out. This can be a good example in terms of the environment as well as the function of power generation as it can go into the water by rotating the screw and purify the water without power.


Reporter. Finally, if there is anything you two would like to add.

Jeong: The long-term plan is to gradually commercialize screw power generation devices and spread this technology to the world. We ask for a lot of interest from investors and researchers who will work on these long-term projects together. Korea is a country that boasts the world’s No. 1 position in the field of vehicles and electronics, and I want to be a part of making it possible to become the world’s No. 1 leader in marine energy.

Shin: Ideas are the process of presenting and creating new answers. For the same reason, it’s important for me to look at technology from a new perspective and constantly set different goals. I hope that I will be of great help in the process of turning CEO Jung’s innovative ideas into reality. We will continue to focus on R&D.

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