With the realism and vividness of the field ‘Real Field’ embodies the curved and sloped terrain of the field as it is

The field’s 38,000 complex curved slopes are reproduced as it is In 6 months, from 80 to single.. You can quickly improve your skills 신태섭 기자l승인2022.11.21l수정2022.11.21 17:11







The number of golfers in Korea has exceeded 5.1 million. However, 4.6 million visit the golf course less than five times a year. The reason is the expensive green fee. So more than 80% of them choose indoor screen rather than open field according to a survey. A drawback, however, is that it many indoor screen does not give the feel of the real field. 


Real Field gives a real feel of 38,000 complex curved and sloping terrain on the screen

6 months can quickly improve skills from 80 strokes to singles

In screen golf, the swing plate is flat and only simple tilt adjustment is possible, so what you practiced does not work at all in the real field. However, the Real Field is a product that embodies the complex curved and sloped terrain of an actual field, and can perfectly compensate for such shortcomings of screen golf. The height of the Real Field can be adjusted up to 16cm and 16 independent modules are combined into a whole. It can create about 38,000 types of complex terrain based on the basic 43 types of curved surfaces. The lower part consists of a module, and the upper plate has a special structure top plate that completes the curved surface, so the curved surface is implemented exactly like the real field. BARO-ON CEO Lee Myung Jick says “Real Field embodies more than 38,000 field terrain identically in 8 seconds. Although products on the market can implement slopes such as ‘toe uphill’ and ‘toe downhill’, there is a lot of gap between the weak slope terrain and the actual field. On the other hand, Real Field perfectly implements the curved terrain. A golfer with skills around 80 strokes can reach a single in six months if he practices with Real Field.” 


Downhill terrain is OK, even down blow practice is possible

Those who have used Real Field directly show the greatest satisfaction on downhill terrain. The reason is that downhill is the most hated terrain on the field, but there is no place to practice other than the field. One of Real Field’s great strengths is that it is possible to practice down blows without straining the wrists and arms by using a cushioning divot mat rather than a regular mat. Downblow refers to the form in which the lowest point of the club head can dig into the grass when the head approaches the ball. It is a swing method necessary to increase the spin and distance of the ball.


Practicing like a real game while watching a video of my swing

It is important to see one’s own exercise in improving one’s skill. Professional players watch and analyze their movements over and over and improve their skills. 

The company will soon release an application that allows you to record your swing, a mobile phone holder, and even a ball marker. You can shoot your own swing video without any inconvenience while playing because the stand is leveled by itself no matter where you place it on the field. Also loaded in this is video editing that helps you adjust or correct your pose and the way you swing. What is more? If you use Real Field and the app, you can get corrections for your drive as well as your iron swing, and you can practice on your own.


Bringing change to curriculum of golf lessons

Real Field, established in 2021, has been supported six times by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation for its technological prowess. The company also has been selected for the IBK Changgong program and was recognized for its high marketability and growth potential. Real Field has been attracting a total of 1.5 billion won of pre-A investment since the middle of this year: An investment of 250 million won from the S&B No.1 Investment Association, and the remaining amount is expected to be finalized soon. 

BARO-ON plans to actively pioneer not only the domestic market but also the overseas market. The company plans to participate in the ‘PGA Merchandise Show’ to be held in Orlando, USA in January next year to directly examine the reaction of overseas markets. CEO Lee says “Real Field is the best solution to develop golf skills and is an innovative item that can diversify the educational curriculum for golf coaches. We will strive to advance Real Field and apps and develop products that many people need.”

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