Jejung Oriental Medicine governs the fundamentals of people based on sasang medicine

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▲ Jejung Oriental Medicine / Director Koo Hwan-seok

Jejung Oriental Medicine governs the fundamentals of people based on sasang medicine

“You need to know ‘one’s constitution’ in order to know what I was born for, what heaven’s commandments are, what sandstones I should eat, what I shouldn’t do, and what the principles of my life are.”

Director Koo Hwan-seok has been studying oriental medicine for over 30 years and is not only treating the patient’s sore spot, but also finding the root cause and treating the patient through scientific constitutional diagnosis using Sasang medicine. “Jejung Oriental Medicine restores the body to an optimal health state that can heal by improving the immunity of each patient through sasang medicine and 8 constitutional medicine. In oriental medicine, it is important not only to improve local pain or disability in the treatment of disease, but to organically examine all the problems that caused the problem and treat the root cause. For example, there are many unexpected cases in which the kidneys are weak or the cold energy rises and the warm energy is weak in the lower body, causing back pain. Therefore, it is important to treat the back pain itself, but it is also necessary to protect the kidneys or balance the body.“


Sasang medicine encompassing both western medicine and oriental medicine

Sasang medicine is a medical theory founded by Jema Lee in the late Joseon Dynasty, which divides the constitution of a person into four types: Taeyangin, Taeeumin, Soyangin, and Soyangin, and treats diseases according to each characteristic. According to this, the functions of internal organs, greed of the mind, innate dispositions and talents, the shape of the body and energy, the shape of the face and the speaking energy, etc. are different depending on the sasang constitution to which they belong. 


Treating intractable diseases, bronchial and lung diseases through scientific constitutional diagnosis

Jejung Oriental Medicine, located in Sajik-dong, Busan, applies sasang constitutional medicine and 8 constitutional medicine to not only intractable diseases but also herbal medicines for the treatment of various diseases. “Accurate constitutional differential tests are carried out through various test equipment, and more than 51,000 constitutional treatment data are created through mechanical tests using medical equipment, questionnaires and pulses from oriental doctors, and 8 constitutional tests to provide treatment tailored to the individual constitution of each patient.” 


Upgrading medicinal efficacy with traditional method steam-free ‘Onggitangjeon’

Jejung Oriental Medicine provides consumers with a variety of constitutional herbal medicines using traditional steam-free Onggitangjeon (circulation extraction method) that does not lose the active ingredients of Korean medicinal herbs grown in clean areas. “This method is a hot pot method that boils slowly through the traditional circulating brewing method that inherits the principle of boiling over 3 hours in a hot pot, and extracts it sufficiently without losing the active ingredients of the medicinal materials. Because it is decocted with ocher natural water, the taste of herbal medicine is mild and gently absorbed into the human body.” Since ancient times, it has been said that oriental medicine should have three kinds of sincerity: sincerity to prepare, sincerity to decoct and sincerity to eat.

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