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▲ Korea Institute for Education & Evaluation Advancement / CEO Seong Dae-geun

The Korea Institute for Education & Evaluation Advancement is an educational corporation established  to provide equal educational opportunities through  customized and practical programs for all people to  have better and lifelong jobs.


From training and research to certification,  publication and software

The Institute possesses various 4th industrial technologies such as big data, blockchain, healthcare,  drones, smart farms, and brain wave analysis. The  company operates a psychological counseling board  game, shopping mall development, and private certification for brain wave brain training, and covers research certification, publication,  and software business.

The Institute, that has been recognized for its performance, has  won various awards such as the  2022 Korea Service Satisfaction Award, the Korea Power  Leader Award, the Korea Global  Power Brand Award, and the  National Assembly Education  Committee Standing Chairperson Award. 


Self-reliance youth support project

Creating better jobs

The ‘self-reliance youth support  project’ of the Institute supplements the problems of the existing youth support  project and provides more systematically by dividing  it into eight areas of housing, living, studying, employment, psychology, emotion, education and consulting in collaboration with subsidiaries and partner  universities.

It supports university dormitories so that young people preparing for self-reliance (children who have  ended protection) can focus on education in a well managed environment in cooperation with 26 partner universities across the country. In addition, by  providing specialized tech education according to  the desired occupation of the student, various support such as employment and job connection are  provided after nurturing talents with practical skills.  This includes the cost of professional education,  housing, living expenses, self-reliance preparation,  legal assistance, and short-term language training abroad in cooperation with CONNECT DOT, Sierra  Soft, Nplanet and TOMS. An official of the Institute  says “For young people who are preparing for independence, the Institute and its affiliates will support  all expenses and education free of charge.”


Professional training and employment  support

CEO Seong Dae-geun says “We want  to provide young people with the opportunity to create a better future by utilizing the infrastructure and  resources we have, as well as the experience and  knowledge we have accumulated so far. We support  the most important housing, professional education  and employment for young people so that they can  successfully be independent. We will continue to  promote our business and strive to create a better  educational culture and society alongside welfare.”

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