‘TM Tech’, microbial liquid fermented food waste disposal machine Success of the world’s first ‘byproducts with a content of less than 40%’

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food we eat. There are so many delicious foods we choose to eat and we throw away the leftover. According to the Ministry of Environment’s report in 2018, food waste accounted for 26% of the total waste generated. About 6 million tons are generated every year, and Korea’s food waste disposal capacity is only about 4.4 million tons. The remaining 1.6 million tons are inevitably disposed of as general waste or are illegally landfilled. In the past, a certain amount of food waste was fed to pigs and other livestock, but African swine fever put a brake on this. Various efforts are being made to solve these problems. A Korean company, TM Tech (CEO Lee Myung-hee), has developed an innovative food processor by using microorganisms. And the company is becoming the center of the talk among industry experts.


Completely decomposes at least 95% of food waste and less than 40% moisture content of 5% remaining by-products

Completely decomposed within 24 hours, even low-salinity by-products can be used as compost

TM Tech is specialized in food waste disposal. The company recently launched an innovative industrial food waste disposal system that applied a microbial liquid fermentation reduction system. The biggest advantage of this product is that the moisture content of by-products generated after decomposition of food is very low. It decomposes more than 95% of food and generates less than 5% of by-products, and it has met the standard of less than 40% moisture content of by-products for the first time in the world, and the related technology is currently registered as a patent. 

TM Tech’s liquid fermentation type food waste disposer ferments and decomposes food by microorganisms that are active in a moist environment. Depending on the capacity, there are 4 products of 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, and 300kg, and the input food is decomposed more than 95% within 24 hours. Meat is completely decomposed in 12 hours, and carbohydrates are all decomposed in 18 hours. Vegetables are also decomposed within 24 hours, except for the fibrous stems. Also, since the salt content of the by-product is very low, it can be used as compost.


Microbial Bacillus of Level 1, which is safe to eat, can be used semi-permanently with one input if managed well

Stainless steel that does not rust even to a single screw, boasting perfect durability and no repair requested for 3 years

The microorganisms used in this product are microorganisms of the Bacillus family. It is a microorganism of Level 1 that does not harm the human body even if it is eaten by humans. The optimum temperature at which microorganisms are active does not need to be adjusted to room temperature, so it is easy to manage and economical. In addition, these microorganisms have strong fertility and a very long lifespan. If the moisture falls below 30% without food input, it goes to sleep and resumes activity when food is put in. Microorganisms do not die or disappear even during sleep because TM Tech’s liquid fermentation type food waste disposer is filled with tints with countless nano-scale holes. If managed well, it can be used semi-permanently without the need for additional microorganisms. However, be careful, pouring hot water for disinfection or washing with a disinfectant such as lacquer can kill microorganisms. The strong durability is also a big advantage of this product. Since the main parts as well as the screws for assembly are made of stainless steel that does not rust, minor breakdowns do not occur easily.


▲ TM Tech / Vice chairman Jang-gwon

Household products that can be used anywhere as long as there is an electric cord, perfectly catches odors and noises

TM Tech is also producing dry fermentation-type household food processors. Household products do not emit water, so they can be installed anywhere in the house where there is an electrical cord. In general, about 1 kg of food waste is generated per day for a family of four. Like commercial products, it is a product that can decompose at least 95% of food within 24 hours. In addition, a 6-layer filter is installed to perfectly eliminate odors, and the noise from the food decomposition process is very low at 35dB. For reference, it is quieter than the library’s noise level of 38dB, so actual users are very satisfied with it. In the past, TM Tech installed 40 early commercial food waste treatment machines in Jeju Island as a pilot project and received a very good reviews. Targeting the Jeju market once again with this new product that meets the standards for by-products, the company plans to distribute the product nationwide by building a distribution network. The company plans to focus more on the procurement business of schools and public institutions in order to take advantage of the strength of being the first product that meets the criteria of less than 40% by-products specified in the Waste Management Act.

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