64 Gwae provides health to people through the flow of the heavens and the earth

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▲ 64 Ki Research Institute / Director Kim Jin-won

64 Ki detoxifies through ki integrated materials

Operating a thermal experience center

64 Ki Research Institute Director Kim Jin-won says “Ki connects the material world and the spiritual world.” As a result of his long-term research, he discovered five-colored soil, spatial pigments, and excellent agglomerates that exist in our land. The 64 substances he developed help the human body to emit the most suitable energy. To do this more effectively, he developed a heating kit and developed 64 capsules. The flow of blood corresponds to the flow of the ki of all things in the human body. As the ki flows and gives power to all things, the blood flows and delivers oxygen and energy throughout the body. Thermal therapy, which is often used in physical therapy, is also used to release blood flow and restore blood flow to its original state. As it is the flow of blood that flushes out toxins from the body, it also helps to detoxify the body when the blood flow is smooth. Based on the flow of energy, the 64 Ki thermal products of the 64 Ki Research Institute are thermally treated with a heat source on the floor made of carbon film fibers as a matrix. When this heat passes through a plate made of 64 direct materials, radiant heat is generated. Kim explains “When this heat passes through the plate, it reaches into the bones of the human body and helps to excrete bad substances that enter the body as sweat.”  In order to give people direct experience of this effect, the 64 Ki Research Institute is operating a thermal experience center where phytoncide is emitted and the scent of cypress is subtle. It is currently recruiting a nationwide agency to operate the experience room.

Thermal sauna at home

User’s rave reviews

Director Kim developed various heating products jointly with CEO Kim Kyung-rim. One of them, the 64 Ki thermal capsule room, is a product that allows you to perform thermal therapy through the 64 Ki at home. You can rest your tired body comfortably through thermotherapy, and it also helps to raise your body temperature and boost your immunity. Symptoms of cold hands and feet are caused by poor blood circulation, and heat therapy helps blood circulation. In particular, the size is compact enough to be used at home, so you can choose the size you want from among the models. The internal temperature is not set and can be adjusted by the user, so it can be used not only to sit and rest, but also to sleep and rest for a while. Through these characteristics and the efficacy through the 64 Ki direct substances, 64 Ki of thermal products are getting great reviews from users. In particular, those who have difficulty accessing saunas due to COVID-19 can enjoy saunas at home. People who have used it are praising that it feels better. The 64 Ki Research Institute provides products of various specifications, such as pyramid-type, Kids car-type, and capsule rooms for 1 to 3 people. 

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