Hotel Emperor Real Estate offers nationwide hotel brokerage with professionalism and sincerity

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▲ Hotel Emperor Real Estate / CEO Jang Young-hwan

Hotel Emperor focuses on hotel brokerage

Finding unfamiliar hotels through years of experience in the field

Hotels are one of the real estate properties that continue to rise in value from the past to the present. Even when all industries were in a recession due to pandemic, hotels remained more profitable than shopping malls, so many investors who were investing in shopping malls turned their attention to hotels. As a result, even when the price of shopping malls fell, the value of hotels continued to rise. So, the number of investors who want to challenge the hotel has also increased, but the hotel is a real estate with a very high barrier to entry. First of all, hotels are expensive compared to other real estate. And since the hotel is run by the owner, you can only secure profits if you have operating know-how. Hotel Emperor is reaching out to those who are hesitant to invest in hotels. It is located in Jung-gu, Seoul and has about 50 brokers who specialize in only hotels in the country. CEO Jang Young-hwan says that hotels are a real estate sector that is not well known to investors yet. Although many people want to invest, it is difficult to find a real estate agent who understands the field because it is also hard to find hotels available on the market. In this regard, CEO Jang's more than 6 years of hotel-related work experience shines even more. He has been a hotel brokerage for over 10 years and is now brokering hotels all over the country. 


Approaching customers with sincerity with professionalism

Delivering operational know-how accumulated over the years to customers

The Hotel Emperor not only brokers hotel sales, but also helps the operation of the hotel. CEO Jang says "Hotels are not owned real estate, but operated real estate. Usually, prospective founders are unaware of the management know-how as they are the first business they do when acquiring a hotel. Therefore, we will focus on passing on the operational know-how during the holding period." Operating a hotel requires a variety of know-how. Hotel Emperor continuously informs and provides consulting on numerous operational know-hows, from tax issues to employee training, customer service, customer attraction, and reinvestment through profits. This channel, which started four years ago, has now uploaded nearly 450 video lectures and is answering various questions through comments.


To be a true helper of customers and to succeed in investment

One-to-one customized brokerage tailored to customer needs

CEO Jang emphasized that hotel real estate needs more attention than other real estate properties. In real estate, after signing a contract, it is difficult to close the contract, and in hotels, the cost is high. CEO Jang says "Before you buy, you have to look at it and buy it for yourself. Especially when it comes to hotel investment, meeting an expert or a genuine helper is the most important thing. If a hotel is profitable, it is also risky. That's why we don't just look at the returns, we look at the risks first. If you acquire a hotel with such low risk and good management, it is better to dispose of it later. That's why I recommend that you only buy a hotel you're confident you can sell. 


Establishing a hotel academy to learn operating know-how

It feels rewarding when we serve as a good hotel brokerage for our customers

CEO Jang plans to establish a hotel academy for prospective entrepreneurs on hotel management. In this academy, you will learn everything from the acquisition of a hotel to its operation. The academy plans to provide comprehensive education on when to acquire a hotel, how not to be disadvantaged when signing a contract, employee training, customer service, and tax issues. The reason CEO Jang is giving this education is because he wants many people to understand the hotel, which is a real estate that can earn a stable income.

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