「Convergence Eco Farm Smart City Creation Project」 Business Agreement

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Eco Farm City., an agricultural corporation, signed a business agreement to create a self-reliant convergence smart city industrial complex where the defense information portal and the private/public/military collaborate. This collaboration will create a smart city industrial complex and apply a program that solves the ‘employment, start-up and housing problems’ of discharged soldiers and reservists. Through this, it aims to give them dreams and hope after discharged. 


Developing KDS convergence agriculture to create an eco-farm city

Efforts for convergence ‘future growth industry’

Eco Farm City is an agricultural corporation specializing in eco-friendly food. It has been researching eco-friendly farming methods for over 20 years and has developed KDS convergence agriculture as a result. KDS Convergence Agriculture is the 6th agricultural industry that converges the primary industry, agriculture, fisheries, livestock, forestry, and special products. It converges the secondary industry, manufacturing and processing, as well as the tertiary industry and the service industry. Unlike existing conventional farming methods, KDS convergence agriculture applies advanced facilities and technologies for systematized, professionalized and specialized cultivation, production, processing, manufacturing, sales and distribution. Through this, eco-friendly well-being crops are grown. In particular, an optimal environment for crops is created with a comprehensive control system that is operated and managed 24 hours a day by professional technicians.


Korea’s first convergence smart city industrial complex development plan

The best location, the best residential facilities, and the promise of profits

Eco Smart City, which has been preparing for eco-farm city so far, is promoting Korea’s first eco-farm city development project together with the Defense Information Portal (hereafter portal). The purpose of this project is to provide the best location, high-end residential facilities, convenience facilities, and move-in funds to military servicemen and reservists and their families who have dedicated themselves to the country and people, as well as ordinary retirees. In this project, the portal will provide various information through an offline unit education team composed of reservists and reserve officers, a defense information portal platform, a group of 100 experts, and an online web and mobile app.


Defense information portal takes on basic literacy education and publicity roles

Actively promoting the service provided by ‘Eco Farm City’

The portal promotes and actively cooperates with the basic literacy education and farming technology education program of the ‘Eco Farm Smart City Creation Project’ implemented by ‘Eco Farm City’ for the first time in Korea, as well as the establishment of an autonomous community village for profit. To this end, it plans to provide military service members, those who are expected to be discharged from the military, and reservists, along with 100 experts, with knowledge information about society as a whole, including financial economy, social culture, employment, entrepreneurship, law, and taxation. In addition, by supervising asset management education, it performs the role of window for military servicemen and reservists. The role of the portal includes establishing branches in each region to actively participate in sales and education. This role is performed through mutual cooperation with the branch’s reserve sergeants and officers. They provide individual counseling such as business information and documents, distribution of publicity materials, training for officers in units, and individual counseling. The contents of the promotion are mainly the services provided by ‘Eco Farm City’, and it is planned to actively promote it through the platform, web, and app. Eco-Farm City currently offers services such as sales of growers equipped with an eco-friendly import-independent and energy-independent smart farm plant factory cultivation system, an eco-friendly agricultural product exhibition center for commercialization, and a natural healing center. In this project, Eco Farm City promised to repay the construction and pre-sale fees in installments. The portal said it will actively promote these contents.

Eco Farm City Chairman Ko Duck-sang said “Eco Farm City is a future-oriented social enterprise that is a collaborative association of people who love nature and farms. We will do our best to become an agricultural corporation that fulfills social responsibilities and develops together through sharing with the local community.“ 

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