Next-generation new energy generation system Dual Cap-Carbio Car fuel efficiency goes up, exhaust gas goes down

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The number of automobiles in Korea is steadily increasing. In 2020, the number of cars registered in Korea exceeded 24 million, which is one for every 2.16 people in the country. Korea is also making great efforts to spread eco-friendly cars to practice carbon neutrality, but there are still only about 1 million eco-friendly cars nationwide. This means that the control of existing internal combustion locomotives is desperately needed to realize carbon zero, but it seems that they are focusing on the supply of electric vehicles rather than practical policies on internal combustion locomotives. Among these, there is a company that is attracting a lot of attention by developing a new energy generation system that induces complete combustion and reduces various exhaust gases in a complicated manner to increase energy efficiency. PowerKorea sat down with Boyeon Battery CEO Jang Eun-sung and learned the technology.


‘Dual Cap-Carbio’, a new energy power generation system to increase operation efficiency of electric devices

Advances in electronic technology have brought many changes to automobiles as well. Various electric devices are being installed to enhance ease of use and stability, such as large-screen navigation, black box, electric seat, and autonomous driving. In order to maintain the overall operation of the e-vehicle, the performance of the battery and the smooth supply of electricity to the inter-electric device have become very important. 

‘Dual Cap-Carbio’, a new energy generation system developed by ‘Boyeon Battery’, is an innovative product that prevents voltage drop and increases CCA current to improve energy efficiency by more than 30%. It is a system that prevents voltage drop and compensates for current by implementing an electrolytic capacitor single cell and a supercapacitor single cell as a dual cap. It is an energy generator made in parallel according to the load used. 


Dual cap module made of electrolytic capacitors, maximizing energy efficiency by implementing a current generation system

All batteries have a resistance value, and a voltage drop must occur wherever electricity is used. 6 lead-acid battery single cells are connected in series to generate the 12 volt voltage used in the existing vehicles. Most of the vehicle battery auxiliary devices on the existing market also use 6 supercapacitors connected in series. However, when a plurality of battery cells are connected in series, the internal resistance value increases, so that a plurality of series-connected modules must be connected in parallel in order to cope with the current capacity of the used load. This also has a fatal disadvantage of increasing the volume of the battery pack. However, the Boyeon Battery’s dual cap dramatically reduced resistance by reducing the number of single cells constituting the module. By reducing the volume of the battery pack and realizing a fastening furnace using only electrolytic capacitors without external resistance, the energy efficiency was improved by reducing the overall reinforcement of the used load.


‘Dual Cap Carbio’ prevents battery voltage increase

Increasing CCA boosts battery’s maximum performance several times

All cars have lead-acid batteries to drive the electrical devices and generators that generate electricity themselves, which directly affect the overall performance of the vehicle. The lead-acid battery supplies power to the starter motor, controls all electricity used in the vehicle even before starting the engine, and is always in standby power state. In this way, it is possible to use a car remote control, an automatic door, a black box, and the like. When the engine is started, it receives power through the generator, and the battery that receives electricity from the generator controls all the electricity inside the vehicle and supplies power to the electric devices. In particular, it greatly affects the output of the vehicle, such as generating a spark of the plug and operating the fuel pump. It is safe to say that the performance of the battery determines the performance of the car. The Dual-Cap Carbio is connected in parallel between the battery and the generator to lower the resistance of the battery to prevent voltage buildup. In addition, it increases the CCA large current of the battery, raising the maximum performance of the battery by several times. CEO Jang says “It is commonly believed that batteries have nothing to do with engine efficiency and fuel economy, but this is a common misconception. There is a very direct relationship between battery performance and fuel economy. If the battery efficiency is poor, not only fuel economy but also the output of the vehicle will decrease. Increasing the performance of the battery not only increases fuel efficiency due to increased output, but also reduces engine noise and extends battery life.”


Increasing vehicle output, demonstrating at least 25% fuel economy savings

Can be installed on all internal combustion engine vehicles

‘Increasing the output of the vehicle and increasing the engine’s efficiency’ also means ‘reducing incomplete combustion of fuel and reducing the exhaust gas emitted by the vehicle’. 

According to the results of the exhaust gas emission test after installing the Dual-Cab Carbio (vehicle Kia Stonic 1.6 diesel), nitrogen oxide (NOx) was 0.085g/km, carbon monoxide (CO) 0.017g/km, and fine dust (PM) 0.003 g/km, hydrocarbon (CH) 0.021 g/km, and carbon dioxide (CO2) 146.536 g/km were detected. This is significantly lower than the EURO 6 standard of 0.4 g/km of nitrogen oxides (NOx), 1.5 g/km of carbon monoxide (CO), 0.01 g/km of fine dust (PM), and 0.13 of hydrocarbons (CH). 

The effect on fuel efficiency increase has also been proven through empirical examples. The Kia Stonic (Diesel 1.6) equipped with a dual-cap carbio at the fuel economy competition hosted by Asia Economy recorded 30.855 (km/l) fuel efficiency per liter, showing a fuel efficiency of 225.444% compared to the official fuel economy. The Chevrolet Orlando (diesel 2.0) equipped with a dual-cap carbio also recorded 25.065 (km/l) per liter, showing a high fuel efficiency increase of 208.875% compared to the official fuel economy. In addition, the Genesis GV80 3000CC equipped with a dual-cap carbiore participated in the Gangwon Ecoreli held a while ago and took third place.

The results of the experiment installed on the express bus are also worth noting. The bus is measured on traveling 300,000km before and after installation. The result was that 60,000 liters were used before installation and 46,126 liters were used after installation. Converted to mileage per liter, the mileage per liter increased by 1.5km from 5km before installation to 6.5km after installation. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions also significantly decreased from 518g/km to 398/km. In addition, an experiment was carried out by attaching it to a taxi, and similar results were obtained.

CEO Jang says “The Dual Cab Carbio can be installed on all vehicles. However, it is most important to install a product with a capacity that matches the size and displacement of the vehicle. If a compact car standard product is installed on a large car, the same effect cannot be seen. It is possible to see at least 25% or more fuel economy savings in all vehicles.” 


▲ Boyeon Battery / CEO Jang Eun-sung

Ducal Cab Carbio an be actively used for internal combustion engine vehicles such as automobiles, motorcycles and ships, as well as electric vehicles and various ESS products

Technology recognition through patent registration and various certifications 

Pioneering overseas market

Dual Cab Carbio is not only for automobiles and motorcycles, but also for all internal combustion engine equipment such as ships, aviation, agricultural machinery, and construction machinery, as well as electric vehicles, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, drones, street lights, home appliances, and ESS (electric power storage system). ) and all electric devices equipped with batteries, it can achieve a great effect. It can be used in connection with the lead-acid battery installed in the electric vehicle, and CEO Jang mentioned, “If you connect it to a lithium battery, you will see a greater effect.”

The core technology of Dual-Cap Carbio is patented as an energy generator. Boyeon battery was recognized for its achievements, and was selected as a new technology by the Gyeonggi-do Economic Science Promotion Agency, and was selected as an innovative product Fast Track 3 by the Environment Technology Industry Promotion Association by the Ministry of Environment. The company also received the recommendation of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance for innovative products by the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Defense pilot project selection, the second selection of excellent commercial products by the Ministry of Defense, the second selection of new marine technology, and the silver prize at the World Women’s Championship.

Jang says “There is still a strong conservative perception of new technologies in Korea. I will try to change this perception, and I plan to aggressively advance into overseas markets such as the US and Vietnam. Negotiations are also underway with Indonesia and Vietnam.” 

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