Yonsei Best Internal Medicine plays a health checkup specialist for local residents

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▲ Yonsei Best Internal Medicine / Director Kwon Sang-jae

Yonsei Best Internal Medicine is here to improve the health of local residents

Personalized examinations for each patient

A decade ago, a cancer diagnosis was equivalent to a death sentence. However, in recent years, even with advanced cancer, the 5-year survival rate can be guaranteed, so the awareness of cancer has decreased, and many people neglect cancer screening. But still, 4 out of 10 people will be diagnosed with cancer at least once in their lifetime, and early detection is the most important factor responsible for an important 5-year survival rate. Cancer is still a costly and time-consuming disease to treat, and these costs and time are also reduced the earlier the diagnosis is made. Yonsei Best Internal Medicine (Director Kwon Sang-jae), located near Maegyo Station in Suwon, has three specialists and state-of-the-art equipment to make it easy for local residents to receive health checkups. Internal medicine has a greater responsibility than any other department for the prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of gastric cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, gallbladder cancer, and biliary tract cancer, which are difficult to screen for. Director Kwon says “Stomach and colon cancers are increasing these days, and it is important to detect these cancers early. Surgery at a university hospital is important, but early detection is also important, so we opened Yonsei Best Internal Medicine to help improve the health of local residents.” Yonsei Best Internal Medicine is a screening center officially designated by the National Health Insurance, and it conducts screening for five major cancers. In order to receive additional screening, it is equipped with facilities for lung cancer, prostate cancer, and thyroid cancer screening. 


Equipped with skills and state-of-the-art equipment

Safe and painless examination and polyp resection possible with endoscopy

If a lump such as a polyp occurs in the large intestine or stomach wall, it must be excised. If left untreated, it can develop into an ulcer or, in severe cases, become cancer, so surgery to remove it is essential. Although there is a strong image that resection surgery is usually performed in surgery, internal medicine also removes polyps that have formed on the wall of the colon or stomach through an endoscope. Endoscopy plays a key role in diseases of the digestive system and has much higher resolution and convenience than other imaging tests. Since polyps can be immediately excised, treatment is possible at the same time as diagnosis, so precancerous diseases can be treated without surgery to cut the skin. Unlike surgery, endoscopic procedures can be discharged on the same day. Yonsei Best Internal Medicine is proud of its safe and painless examination and excellent surgical skills by 3 specialists. Kwon says “Although the endoscope is not included in the basic health checkup, it is an instrument that allows for more accurate and faster diagnosis and treatment. Hopefully this will be added to the basic health checkup in the future.“ 


Medical care at the university hospital level

Providing patient-centered medical services rather than simple treatment

Yonsei Best Internal Medicine aims to be a clinic that can provide professional examination and treatment without having to go to a university hospital with competent medical staff and medical equipment equivalent to a university hospital. It is equipped with advanced high-definition endoscope and ultrasound, and the radiation machine also is university hospital level. In particular, the radiology center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for ultrasound, radiography, mammography, and bone density testing. Image reading is so important in modern medicine that it determines 80% of treatment, and it is a diagnosis that can look directly from the inside of the patient, not just the patient’s symptoms. 

Yonsei Best Internal Medicine is doing its best not only for examination but also for treatment. It is equipped with a center that specializes in diagnosing and treating almost all areas where internal medical diseases occur, including the digestive center, cardiovascular center, endocrinology center, respiratory center, allergy center, breast center, and prostate center. In addition, vitamin nutrition injections, vaccinations, and treatment for obesity and smoking cessation are provided through the Health Promotion Center. Kwon says “These days, patients visit hospitals with the concept of receiving medical services rather than receiving treatment. Yonsei Best Internal Medicine is operating its system that is pleasant and patient-centered and minimizes waiting time.”

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