‘Clean Sky’, there has never been a cleaning car like this before ‘Eco-friendly electric water spraying car’ that does not have any problems even in the rain

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Last month, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the ‘Cleaner Seoul 2030 Comprehensive Measures’ and announced that it would invest a total budget of 3.8 trillion won by 2030. To this end, by 2026, everything from buses, operating or passing through the city, to road sweepers will be replaced with electric vehicles. What is noteworthy of the project is about road sweepers which has been rather ignored from the attention. A road surface sweeper is an equipment to create a pleasant residential environment by cleaning fine dust, leaves, and various foreign substances on the road largely caused by tire wear. However, it is an ironic reality that most of the vacuum cleaners currently in operation are diesel vehicles and emit huge amounts of soot and fine dust. 

Nevertheless, road sweepers are closely related to the lives of citizens and are actively used by local governments across the country. However, the handling of fine dust and garbage generated from small back roads and parks is becoming a big problem because the current manpower and cleaning equipment are limited. While the demand for solution is rising, a Korean company has been attracting attention from industry officials by launching an electric sprinkling road surface cleaner that can clean not only back roads, but also parks and small trails. PowerKorea met Cleantech CEO Go Ye-sung and learned its innovativeness. 


‘Clean Sky’, an electric road watering cleaning car, sprays and sucks dusts simultaneously

Boasting ‘spraying storage and garbage loading capacity of 1,200L’, the largest hopper capacity in the same class but even self-recycling of sewage added

Clean Sky, an electric road spraying cleaning vehicle introduced by Cleantech, can clean both back roads and alleys with its size and performance optimized for the road conditions in Korea. The biggest advantage of Clean Sky is that it can spray water and does suction at the same time. Clean Sky is the first in the world in terms of carrying our both spraying and suction simultaneously. Before the advent of Clean Sky, in order to perform suction cleaning and water cleaning at the same time, two vehicles must be operated. In addition, since a cleaning vehicle converted from a general vehicle is used, the operation process is cumbersome and safety issues have emerged as the driver has to operate the cleaning equipment while driving. 

On the other hand, Clean Sky is a device that can integrate suction cleaning and watering functions through a brush, and it completely overcomes the shortcomings of existing road sweepers by automating a significant part of the cleaning function. The water storage capacity and garbage loading capacity are 1,200L each, the largest in its class. It can also maximize the capacity of the cleaning hopper by storing sprinkling water in the loading bin and water tank. Clean Sky sucks the cleaning waste water from the floor and stores it in the loading box, and recycles the water purified by the built-in filter, enabling long-term cleaning work with one dispatch.


Suction cleaning is OK even in the rain or when the road surface is wet, and it can handle everything from leaves to dust

Another advantage of Clean Sky is that it can perform suction cleaning even when it is raining or when the road surface is wet. Existing vacuum cleaners use dry filters, so if moisture enters the interior during cleaning, malfunctions occur. Clean Sky, which uses a wet filter, sucks up both dust and clean water, so it can be used even on rainy days and can  clean without secondary pollution. CEO Go Ye-sung explains “Clean Sky, which uses a wet filter, has many advantages over existing dry filter-operation. Not only can it be cleaned on a rainy day, but it can also prevent secondary pollution because the cleaned water is sucked in without flowing it into sewage or rainwater. Clean Sky can also be used separately for watering and cleaning operations when operated seasonally.”


▲ Cleantech / CEO Go Ye-sung

1500psi high-pressure water spray cleans up fine dust and dirt on the road surface!!

98.3% of high road surface cleaning effect, 99.4% of dust removal rate, and maximum reduction of work noise

Clean Sky is equipped with an electric motor instead of a hydraulic system to secure the automatic steering function of the brush, and also has a function to automatically adjust the size of the suction port according to the size of the garbage. The brush can be fine-tuned, and if the set value is set in advance, the brush automatically finds the optimal position and operates according to the curvature and shape of the road surface. This is in stark contrast to the conventional hydraulic method, which caused damage to the brush and the road by operating the brush strongly. Since the water pressure of the spraying water is strong enough to 1500psi, it can clean fine dust, dirt, and various contaminants attached to the road surface. The fully automatic brake function is also worth paying attention that can prevent slipping on slopes and safety accidents in alleyways as well as safety of workers. 

The excellent performance of Clean Sky was also proven through various tests and evaluations. According to the performance evaluation conducted by the accredited certification body, it showed excellent road surface cleaning effect of 98.3%, which is 3.5% higher than that of other products, and the dust removal rate was 99.4%, which shows an improvement by 1.4%. The noise level was 72.7dB, which is 31% lower than 85dB of other products. In addition, even at the maximum suction capacity, it was confirmed that the performance was high enough to suck 741g of unit waste.


Designated as an excellent and innovative product by the Public Procurement Service

Excellent reviews received from local governments and businesses

Cleantech was established in 1992 and has been supplying indoor cleaning vehicles in Korea for 30 years and has the largest market share in the related market. Clean Sky has received great attention and has been selected as an excellent and innovative product by the Public Procurement Service. Sueong-gu Busan purchased it on voluntary contract while Daedeok-gu Daejeon and Geumcheon-gu and Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul are using it on rental. Satisfaction on its functions and performance is high, and Suyeong-gu Busan is considering additional purchase while and the Incheon Port Authority has confirmed using it. Lotte E&C and Wonbo, a waste company, have already purchased Clean Sky and are using it for cleaning around construction sites. Cleantech does not stop here: the company plans to release electric road spraying vehicles and autonomous driving products for frontal roads as early as the end of next year.

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