EPT FIT(Ceo Siyeon Lee) makes your dream body real.

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▲ E.P.T FIT & MIRACLE / CEO Siyeon Lee

The development of mass and social media is causing many changes in the daily life of modern people. In particular, as people’s interest in anti-aging and health has increased significantly alongside the aging population, women’s desire for health care and beautiful appearance also is amplifying. 

In line with these current trends and needs, EPT Fit & Miracle, that is realizing the beautiful body many women dream of, is providing a miraculous gift to many of its customers. CEO Siyeon Lee is but the one who developed ‘the whole body reshaping method’ EPT FIT with which she delivers the whole body cosmetic and anti-aging effects to customers and also spreads good influence and trust. 


Where dreams come true

EPT FIT for an elegant and beautiful body

EPT Fit & Miracle is a place where its independently developed ‘EPT FIT’ creates beauty on women’s bodies and lines. After experiencing major health problems at a young age about 10 years ago, Lee has changed her view of life and has a good purpose to promote the benefits of life through healing of the body and mind of others. The whole body reshaping method ‘EPT FIT’ is an exercise that makes women’s dream of soft and beautiful skeleton and proportions. This method, which started in Singapore about 10 years ago, began to teach people with the slogan, ‘When the body changes, the mind changes, and when the mind changes, life changes’, after Lee returned to Korea in 2016. Since 2019, it has been creating beauty for customers with the slogan of ‘Privilege of only a few, a place where dream bodies come true’.

EPT Fit & Miracle is E(Eelgance). P(Posture). T(Therapy or Technic)+FIT(fit), meaning a miraculous effect through exercise suitable for a therapy or method for an elegant posture.

CEO Lee said, “The name was given by members who have experienced EPT FIT. Some say that it is like they are reborn again, or that the source of the body is changing.” In the same respect, EPT FIT is an exercise that leads to change into an ideal body for everyone, whether it is a natural body or an acquired deformed body. EPT FIT leads to beautiful changes in the skeleton and proportions of the whole body and the effect of full body lifting, as well as making the size and shape of the face smaller and prettier, and leading to appropriate changes in facial features. In short, EPT FIT makes a change from head to toe.

Lee said, “During the EPT FIT exercise, along with full-body lifting, you change into an elegant and ideally beautiful figure from head to toe. This change is an effect that anyone can have if they faithfully participate in the EPT FIT program.” EPT FIT does not appear temporarily, but increases with repetition. 


First program: beautiful body base

Excellent effects increase customer trust

Though EPT Fit & Miracle is so popular that it has branch offices, currently CEO Lee is running all the programs alone. Currently, 4, 5, and 6 sessions are being conducted as individual lessons only. In the first program, the interval of exercise is specified at 1-2 week intervals, and the exercise time per session is about 3 to 6 hours.

In order to maximize the effect of exercise, Lee informs members of a few precautions during the first program. First of all, she advises to avoid home training and other types of exercise alone. Hobbies such as golf, horseback riding, and walking are fine, but if you exercise alone, you will unknowingly develop bad habits in your body, she advises. Also, if you train alone before the new body-base is formed, you might stick to your old bad habits.

So, in EPT FIT, it guides you to get used to the new skeleton and the changed center of gravity, induces you to use the muscles you need to develop for your body, and helps you correct bad habits you don’t even know you have. Secondly, surgery, botox, plastic surgery, and orthodontics come after the first program taken place. EPT FIT changes over time as it progresses. In the first program, the focus is on creating a new body base, and since the changes in the whole body and image after EPT FIT exercise are larger than expected, it is recommended to properly implement what is needed in the changed image at least after the first program is over. 

What makes EPT Fit & Miracle more special are that while taking the class, custumers do not diet and before and after pictures are not photoshpped at all.

After the first program, the body base is ready. Re-registration is not necessarily required, but as the effect increases as the number of times increases, many customers want to receive lessons consistently, and through this, they are nurturing youth and beauty that goes against time. If you want additional lessons after the first program, you can re-register 1-2 times per person each time, and you can take occasional lessons 1 to 4 times a year. It is notable that it has been proven by customers who have been practiced for about 10 years that it is not a general exercise effect that returns within a few days of taking a lesson. 

Regarding the use of such an inconvenient registration method, CEO Lee said that it was to prevent one person from reserving a large number of private lessons in advance. Despite these limitations, many members make reservations after each lesson in order to receive lessons consistently, so the customer’s trust and satisfaction with EPT Fit & Miracle is that high. 


▲ after 1 time / before

Dreaming the same wishes of customers

Walking together for positive change of body and life

Regarding the secret method of customer management, CEO Lee said, “We dream of the same wishes as our customers’ wishes and do our best to accompany them for positive changes in their bodies and lives with a sincere wish.” The time of sympathy and communication with customers and doing the best to accompany is also a very rewarding time for Lee. For this reason, it is common for one person who received EPT FIT to bring their family members or relatives. The fact that the number of customers is increasing from mouth to mouth without any advertising or publicity proves the differentiated competitiveness of EPT FIT. 

It is also the management philosophy of CEO Lee to visit customers who meet their needs, see the miracle-like effect of EPT FIT, and be guided to an enterprising and bright life through it, rather than promoting entrepreneurial greed.

“The joy, emotion and gratitude that customers feel after exercising, and the progressive change in their lives, make my heart beat more than they do and make me act. The benefit of people is my joy and can be said to be the driving force of my life. Rather than making a special plan or building a high tower, we plan to continue to grow in the future to become like a wide, clear river that flows to and can be generously distributed wherever it is needed or where it can shine. Lastly, I sincerely thank GOD for his protection and overflowing grace.”

EPT Fit & Miracle is steadily advancing step by step today to become a “light that illuminates the whole world with a good influence, small but intensely. 



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