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Top Clean Multifunctional Self-Cleanering Washer becomes a necessity for improving the unsanitary working environment of fire fighters

There are many equipment that fire fighters must have when they enter the scene of an accident such as fire suit, fire helmet, gas mask and safety shoes. These equipment needs to be cleaned after supplying and exiting an imminent fire scene, and if the equipment is not reserved and accidents are frequent, there will be not enough time to clean it. A 2019 research by the relevant ministries revealed that a number of contaminants, including benzopyrene, a level 1 carcinogen in fire helmets, gas masks and safety shoes, were detected and urgently needed improvement.

Jaesan has developed and supplied the ‘Top Clean Multifunctional Self-Cleaning Washer’ to improve the poor working environment of the fire fighters. The company filed for the first helmet self-washer patent in 2014 and registered the world’s first helmet self-washer patent in 2015.  Developed through such experience and technology, it is a multifunctional self-cleaning machine that has been KFI certified as a small and medium-sized business. 

A multifunctional self-washer can be seen as a washer that can quickly clean and dry the rustic utensils so that when a fire breaks out and can be dispatched. In particular, the fire helmet can be cleaned without separating the endothelium and outer shell, and the plasma function can be added to sterilize and deodorize. Since the whole process from washing to drying is automated, there is nothing to operate in the middle, which saves time. The cleaning liquid also uses eco-friendly cleaners that do not contain any substances that are toxic to the human body. It has been verified for stability and eco-friendliness by accredited organizations in the United States, such as FDA, NSF, EPA, etc. This self-cleaning dryer is currently in charge of the Jeonbuk Fire Department’s laundry and has been installed at 16 locations in the 119 Safety Center in Seoul. It is highly acclaimed for its easy and fast cleaning and drying functions.


Clean fire suits ensure the safety and health of fire fighters, the world’s first ‘plasma drum laundry dryer’

Fire suits, which are responsible for the safety of fire fighters at the scene of a fire, must be kept clean at all times. The smoke at the scene of the fire contains a mixture of various toxic substances. These toxic substances are absorbed into the body through the respiratory tract or through the skin when breathing, causing a variety of diseases. 

The drum laundry dryer is a washing machine that can be used to wash even fire-retardant clothing in addition to the existing multifunctional washer, and is the first in the world to be equipped with plasma sterilization. 

The drum laundry dryer, which can wash all fire-fighting equipment, including fire suits, together is considered to be a product that can solve this problem in one shot. 

It is loaded with the function of washing with a revs of 95 rpm or less, so that it can be cleaned without damaging the suit alongside sterilization and deodorization with the plasma function. It is KFI certified by the Korea Fire Institute. When washing other equipment, such as helmets and gas masks, they are stabilized to prevent damage, and the technology is currently patented.


▲ Jaesan / CEO Jo Jae-san

Dr. Laundry provides all in one washing and drying

Widely acclaimed for its excellent performance and convenience 

Taking the above-mentioned differentiation as a weapon, the company is expanding its business area into a general laundromat franchise business. Plasma drum laundry dryers have optimal performance for use in laundry rooms. In the laundromat rooms of other companies, the washing machine and dryer need to be installed separately, and there is often a need for separate space, and sometimes there is not enough space to place the washing machine. However, the plasma drum laundry dryer has an integrated washer and dryer, so space can be utilized when installed. You can also do your own things at home or in a café without having to wait for when the laundry will end. You can also monitor the uptime on your phone and get a text notification 10 minutes before, so you do not have to check the time when your laundry ends. Even when washing, the program is set up from 1 to 6 times for each laundry, so pressing the desired item button will automatically complete it. Even those who are not familiar with laundry have no room for error. 

This is not the only convenient point. Regular washing machines require a separate replenishment of the detergent, so the administrator has to manually check if the detergent is sufficient. However, plasma drum laundry dryers can operate a truly unmanned store because the laundry storage is recessed to keep the store clean, and the attached sensor notifies the manager of the lack of detergent. In addition, since it is paid by card, there is no need to install a coin exchanger, and since it is one-go until drying, the floor does not need to be wet and there is no need for floor waterproofing. CEO Jo said “First of all, we are thinking of increasing our domestic market share and doing business on the Japanese and American sides. Our products have the best capabilities of any product in the world. We will actively advance overseas with such a distinction as a weapon.”

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