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Andong is called the capital of Korean spiritual culture. The World Foundation for Confucian Culture is hosts '2022 World Heritage Festival: Gyeongbuk (Andong.Youngju)' which was launched to promote the value and significance of the World Heritage Site in Korea as well as the preservation and succession of traditional culture. <PowerKorea> met CEO Yoo Jae-yong.


Korea's leading cultural industry creativity, World Foundation for Confucian Culture

Yoo said "It is a cultural foundation jointly established by Andong Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd. and 9 municipalities in the northern Gyeongbuk region, including Andong, Mungyeong, Bonghwa, Sangju, Yeongyang, Uiseong, Yecheon, Cheongsong and Yeongju. Based on the slogan 'supporting people, loving the world', we aim to realize the mission of 'implementing cultural values that the people of the world resonate' and the vision of 'creating a cultural industry that represents Korea'. In order to realize this goal, we are making efforts to carry forward the spirit of the world's Confucian culture  through the establishment of a Confucian cultural identity and the cultivation of professional personnel, the creating a broad base, and the holding of the World Confucian Cultural Celebration." 

Confucianism is the representative Chinese idea of Confucius as the eponymous religion, also known as Confucius (侹敁) or Confucius (侹磾敁). Confucianism, which uses Samkangohryun as its scriptures, is a kind of ethics and political science that aims to achieve sushin, jaega, chigook and pyeongchunha. It has dominated Eastern thought, including China, Korea, and Japan, for thousands of years. Confucianism, along with Buddhism and Christianity, is one of the 3 largest religions in Korea. It has had a profound impact on Korean society and history as a whole, including political, economic, and cultural. 


'2022 World Heritage Festival: Gyeongbuk (Andong.Youngju)' embroiders Autumn

Hosted by the Cultural Heritage Administration and the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundatin, the 3rd 2022 World Heritage Festival was held on 3 this month. It started with Andong and Yeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and it is being taken place in Suwon and Jeju with various performances, exhibitions, and experiential programs themed on the World Heritage Site of Korea. It is being held in the sub-villages of Andong such as Dosan Seowon, Byungsan Seowon, Bonjeongsa, and Yeongju Busuksa and Sosu Seowon. The '2022 World Heritage Festival: Gyeongbuk (Andong.Youngju)' welcomes tourists with exhibitions and performances by world-class artists such as dancer Ahn Eun-mi, writer Lee Jung-jin, and architect Seung Hyo-sang, who designed the festival halls, under the direction of Jang Hye-won, Director of the Korean Graduate School of Culture and Industry at National Andong University. 

The '2022 World Heritage Festival: Gyeongbuk (Andong.Youngju)' team leader Park Gyeong-hoon said "The historical value and classical beauty of the World Heritage Site of Andong and the stories of contemporary artists, architects and writers visualize the cultural and artistic value of the World Heritage Site and provide an integrative sense of connecting the past, present and future, making the 'outstanding universal value' more innovatively and interestingly." With an understanding and pride in our culture, which has left behind so many recorded heritage sites in the world, we look forward to the actions of the World Foundation for Confucian Culture so that many tourists can enjoy the various World Heritage sites in Andong and increase their value. 

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