‘Climate Crisis Clock’, Will we be able to keep the Maginot Line to protect the Earth?

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Korea’s only climate crisis clock manufacturer ‘Sign Clark’

The dead line to protect the planet remains ‘6 Years and 10 Months’ 

Sign Clock is working hard to proactively address the climate crisis, producing a climate crisis clock, publicizing and disseminating it. The climate crisis clock costs a lot of money to develop, but it’s not marketable, so no one is proclaiming to be producing. Specializing in the production of signage and digital clocks for the interior and exterior of buildings for more than 30 years, Sign Clock is the only company in the country that manufactures climate crisis clock. However, in Korea, most people still do not even know that the climate crisis clock exists. 

A key component of a climate crisis clock is a controller that automatically calculates carbon levels and calculates them in time. Sign Clock has developed this computational controller itself and is the only company that owns this controller. 

CEO Kim said “The remaining time of the current climate crisis clock is just over 6 years and 10 months, about a year ahead of the beginning of this year. When the climate crisis clock reaches zero, the incidence of heat waves increases by 8.6 times, the incidence of droughts by 2.4 times, the precipitation by 1.5 times, and the intensity of typhoons by 10 percent. Together, we must be alert to the climate crisis and practice carbon neutrality.”

Herald installs the country’s first climate crisis clock and joins the ‘Sign Clock’ efforts alongside municipalities and government offices

Recently, a growing number of places are joining Sign Clock efforts. Herald was the first to install a large climate crisis clock for in its office in Yongsan District, Seoul, and a climate crisis clock was also installed at the Chungbuk Environmental Education Agency in Cheongju. Installation in a large park in Busan City are also under discussion. Last August, Sign Clock attracted great attention at the 2022 Korean Science Festival held at the Esfactory in Seongsu Province, Seoul, by recreating the melting of glaciers with a climate crisis clock. Also, a large climate crisis clock from Sign Clock has been installed in Wangsimni Station Square, which has received explosive attention from passers-by showing ∼A system that reflects and displays climate crisis clock time information online in real time ∼A structure in which the cooling fan spins on its own when the temperature inside the clock rises above 40 degrees ∼A panel that automatically activates the heating system when the temperature inside the clock drops below -5 ~ 10 degrees Celsius ∼The top hood that prevents the clock from receiving heat directly from the top ∼The design that floats 100mm from the ground to protect the clock from heat, cold, moisture, etc. It is received by environment experts as  “Located just across the street from the Wangsimni Station Square building with a large floating population, it is a great opportunity to send a message to many people about carbon neutrality and overcoming the climate crisis.” 

Unparalleled technology for digital watches, No. 1 domestic market share ‘Sign Clock’

Sign Clock is a professional company that has been manufacturing and constructing various digital clocks for a long time and is the No. 1 company in the country in the relevant market. Recently, the company is making large digital clocks for interior and exterior that are installed in many streets and buildings in Korea, and is supplying digital clocks to global companies such as Japan’s SoftBank and Honda. At present, Sign Clock’s large digital clock has been installed in various public institutions such as the Kuro-gu Office in Seoul, the International Trade High School, Jeongsan Middle School, Moonrae Elementary School, the Gyeonggi Provincial Education Bureau, and the National Academy of Food Sciences of the Rural Development Agency. 

The technology for digital clock here is quite good. Digital clocks from other companies illuminate LED by means of polycarbonate or light sources, whereas in Sign Clock, LED is lit by direct fire, so readability is very good and brightness is very good. In addition, when making large digital clocks used in places such as school auditoriums, the exterior finish of the clock is banded with iron rather than plastic, making it quite durable. Sign Clock now has its own molds capable of producing more than 18 different sizes of digital watches, which is also a great differentiator from other companies. For this reason, various municipal systems, government offices, schools, hospitals, etc. are actively introducing Sign Clock’s digital clock.

▲ Sign Clock / CEO Kim Sang-il

A climate crisis clock project that began with a mission to protect the planet

Sign Clock, who was able to maintain a stable business with only the contents of its existing digital clocks and advertising signage, entered the climate crisis clock business because of its sense of mission. CEO Kim said “When I said I was making a climate crisis clock, everyone around me dried up. The investment costs are high, as there is no market demand. To be honest, I expect the next 10 years to continue to invest. Nevertheless, the climate crisis clock business is only to raise awareness of the climate crisis and the sense of mission to protect the planet and to raise awareness of the climate crisis. We don’t have much time left. We must work together to protect the beautiful earth.” 

Whether it is because of the unremitting efforts of CEO Kim, in recent years, people’s interest in the climate crisis has been increasing. Sign Clock exhibited its climate crisis clock at the 2022 Korea Build Expo last month, which garnered an explosion of interest from industry insiders and visitors. Not only domestic companies, but also overseas companies that have visited the exhibition are showing a great interest in Sign Clock’s climate crisis clock. Existing Japanese counterparts have expressed a desire to purchase climate crisis clocks in large quantities. 

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