‘So that anyone can easily feel familiar with the work’ Chairman Baekam Kim Baek-soo who is dedicated to the development of domestic art

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▲ 백암 김백수 회장 Chairman Baekam Kim Baek-soo

Chairman Baekam Kim Baek-soo gave birth to the Korea Public Art Association, the Korea Artist Exchange Association (Seoul Non-profit Organization License No. 199), and the Korea Mugunghwa Art Association. Currently in Yeoju, he is dedicated to serving as a link between Seoul and the region.


“Even if it’s not expensive If you have a favorite piece of your own It should be easy to enjoy.”

Kim has been working as an executive in the art world for a long time and has held more than 30 large and small exhibitions. In 2002, he held an exhibition of national flowers representing countries around the world at the invitation of the then Speaker of the National Assembly, Lee Man-seop. He was praised for raising the dignity of the art world by holding large and small exhibitions two to three times a year. The reason he is respected in the art world is because he has consistently donated works of famous artists to military bases and police stations for over 20 years. (These donation cases are unprecedented in the domestic art world.) Kim said “In the Yeoju area, there are many artists in various fields such as art, ceramics, and printmaking. In connection with the Seoul Museum of Art Gallery located in Insa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Pyeongri Museum of Art was established in the hope that it will become a space where numerous artists who are active on the international stage beyond the metropolitan area can freely engage in creative activities, exchange inspiration, and actively communicate. Regardless of the region, if the Korean people can further enhance their view of art and heal them, I have nothing more to ask for.” He added that that he would open more gallery spaces to support artists’ cultural and artistic activities and to present an art shelter and exchange place that provides citizens opportunities to taste various cultural and artistic works.

‘Art that approaches people, art that shares life’

Kim has been campaigning for ‘one household, one art work movement’ for a long time. He has insisted on the theory that works of art should be easily enjoyed by anyone. The works he has collected so far include various works such as Western and Eastern paintings, calligraphy and ceramics. In particular, ceramics received favorable reviews for showing off a new beauty, that was difficult to see in the past, by combining two-dimensional painting with the three-dimensional space. Kim said “I will create many opportunities for residents to enjoy art, such as holding an artist invitation exhibition. Due to COVID-19 in recent years, many artists in the art world have been hit directly and are experiencing economic hardship. Only when the economy revives can the cultural and artistic worlds become more active. It is the most necessary time for all artists to unite and come up with a survival strategy that fits the reality. Above all, it is urgent that anyone can easily understand the work and feel friendly. I have been discussing with many artists in the art world, seniors and juniors, and devised a plan to supply a painting for at least 100,000 won to 500,000 won depending on the size. I will continue to carry out the ‘one household, one art work movement’ so that people can comfortably purchase masterpieces that are good to their collection. I want the public to feel more comfortable about art that enriches their lives. Art is not at all an inaccessible field. I believe in the ‘art that approaches people, art that shares life’ philosophy. I sincerely look forward to the day when families will experience the joy of seeing paintings by famous artists every day in the living room, master bedroom, and dining table.” 

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