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Looking back on the past few years of Forklift Korea, the part that was considered the biggest strength was maintenance. It runs 1st grade repair stores alongside a nationwide maintenance network powered by experts. This year, the company said that it will begin training professional maintenance personnel for electric forklifts through the forklift manager recruitment program. An official said “This recruitment, which will be divided into two parts to train forklift managers and maintenance managers, aims to train professionals who can cover all aspects related to forklifts, from basic management to rental. We will preemptively provide more professional and safe maintenance services with expertise in electric vehicle diagnosis and repair technology.” 

Lithium iron phosphate battery company

Domestic forklift brand ‘KLIFT’

Using this recruitment as a stepping stone, the company is confident with the goal of cultivating 100% professional forklift engineers within the first half of the year. KLIFT CEO Hong Jin-ki said “As the supply of electric forklifts gradually expands, the importance of systematic maintenance services is expected to increase. We plan to do our best to increase customer satisfaction by continuously nurturing maintenance personnel with knowledge.” Global companies in each country are having a significant impact on the domestic battery market as they are declaring replacements for lithium iron phosphate batteries with relatively low cost and superior functionality. Forklift Korea, a lithium iron phosphate battery brand, has launch of KLIFT to push forward its business. The company has built close collaboration with top global brands and continues to sell and lease lithium iron phosphate electric forklifts. The company introduced KLIFT, an electric forklift equipped with CATL’s lithium iron phosphate battery, in the first half of the year, providing both efficiency and safety at the logistics site. The battery of the 2.5 ton lithium iron phosphate electric forklift sold by KLIFT is 202Ah (OPT 271/404Ah) and the charger is 100A (OPT 200A/380V 3-phase), both loaded with CATL lithium iron phosphate battery. It is rated as superior in product quality and price competitiveness with various battery configurations suitable for user conditions.

An official said “The lineup of KLIFT electric forklifts, which are being introduced online and offline, is organized by tonnage, ranging from 1.5 tons to 10 tons. While most foreign forklifts only support English and Japanese, KLIFT lithium electric forklifts support the Korean instrument panel for easier operation. KLIFT plans to introduce more diverse product lines in the future. The updated product information can be checked through the company’s website as well as the forklift information platform Woori Neighborhood Forklift.” 

BYD forklifts landed in Korea for 5 years now

1.6 ton model event

The BYD electric forklift, that used to decorate before KLIFT, is also in good health. Forklift Korea is the sole distributor of BYD electric forklifts in Korea and has held an event marking the 5th year of the business.

Forklift Korea, which has been providing electric forklift supply and maintenance services nationwide, has provided the full advantage of electric forklifts that not only improve work efficiency but also prioritize safety in the work environment alongside the events that have been placed for 5 years. The latest event was limited to 1.6 ton forklifts and was conducted with basic 3M/2-speed, 3WAY, 271 AH battery, and 3WAY products. To commemorate KLIFT’s successful entry into the domestic market, KLIFT’s 1.5 ton model will be introduced KLIFT’s. An official said “With the strengthening of the Severe Accident Punishment Act, safety in the field is becoming more important. In line with this change, the company is holding an event to install three-sided red beams and rear cameras for free.” 

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