Yoon visits a robot factory in Daegu Seongseo Industrial Complex and conducts 1st Regulatory Innovation Conference

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Yoon visits a robot factory in Daegu Seongseo Industrial Complex and conducts 1st Regulatory Innovation Conference

On the morning of 26 August, President Yoon Seok-yeol presided over the “1st Regulatory Innovation Strategy Meeting” at AjinExTek Co., Ltd., a robot specialist located in the Seongseo Industrial Complex in Daegu Metropolitan City, with more than 30 people in attendance, including the heads of the 7th Economic Group, the Regulatory Reform Commission, and private experts.

Yoon reiterated the “regulatory sandbag” he mentioned when he first met with the heads of economic groups in attendance last March. He pointed out that a line of government-made decrees, a regulation, is a matter of life or death for companies. 

Yoon also said that regulatory innovation is “a matter of people’s livelihood and economy, not of ideology and politics,” and expressed his commitment to saving people’s livelihood and the economy through high-quality jobs created by regulatory innovation, not the deterrent jobs created by finances.

Yoon expressed his commitment to consistently promote regulatory innovation with the philosophy that true innovation comes from freedom and creativity, and to create only the rational regulations necessary for the life, safety and order of the people based on objective data and scientific analysis.

The Coordination Office Director Bang Moon-gy, presented “Regulatory Innovation Promotion Situation and Future Promotion Plan”, and Chairman Choi Tae-won of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented “Suggestions for the Economic Community to Enhance Regulatory Innovation Performance”. 

Also, the heads of 6 economic organizations and the heads of the People’s Power Regulatory Reform and Promotion Unit discussed without hesitation how to innovate the regulations they felt in the field.

Yoon said that he would consult closely with the city of Daegu on environmental issues in the Daegu area, such as the issue of drinking water and the promotion of Palgongsan National Park.

The choice of the SME factory as the meeting place reflects the willingness of the government to support enterprises that maintain and produce businesses in the country through various regulatory reforms despite various difficult conditions, and symbolizes the Yoon Government’s belief and philosophy on saving the industry, the economy, and regulatory innovation.

Amsa General Market Online Digital Platform Transformation Site Visit and Chair of the 6th Emergency Economic and People’s Life Conference

On the morning of August 25, President Yoon Seok-yeol presided over the 6th Emergency Economic and People’s Life Conference after greeting merchants while touring the site of the ongoing online digital platform transformation at the Amsa General Market in Gangdong-gu, Seoul. 

The meeting was attended by the President of the Federation of Small Merchants representing small merchants and self-employed, the President of the National Federation of Merchants, and private experts. 

The “New Government’s Small Business and Self-Employment Policy Direction” was announced to strengthen competitiveness and re-leap along with the full recovery of the damages of small business owners and self-employed people caused by high prices, heavy rainfall, and the re-spread of COVID-19. 

Yoon said, “The direction for the recovery and leap forward of small business owners and self-employed people seems to have been well taken. Action is needed now. Regional Balanced Development will be of paramount importance to the central government to build infrastructure through the input of budgets, and at the same time to nurture the region’s own local brand and grow it into a brand that can represent not only the village but also the country”, adding that “For the self-employed and small business owners who work in traditional markets, neighborhood alleys and villages, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups should help them with digital transformation.”

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