Jayeonwoori spreads excellent taste of Korean pine nuts to the world with a locally made Korean snack ‘Gapyeong Jat Hangwa’

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Japan has had a well developed regional food industry. As each region has its own specialities, the locals and the government are working together to use this uniqueness to promote regionally produced products to visitors and tourists home and abroad. Residents are proud of what they have and know how turn it into a selling product by giving attention to detail taste, colors and shapes. 

We, Koreans, also have local specialities. What we lack, however, is attention to detail. Many local specialities are marked with the name of the location but we are not impressed by the quality and uniqueness and we are not sure whether the ingredients were locally grown. 

▲ Jayeonwoori / CEO Eungbyeong Chae

So Eungbyeong Chae, CEO of Jayeonwoori, rolled up sleeves to set an example with ‘Gapyeong Jat Hangwa’ (Gapyeong pine nut snack). Gapyeong County has the largest Korean pine nut producing area in the nation. Naturally, it has been the most recognized local specialty in the region even before the Joseon dynasty 500 years ago. According to studies, Korean pine nuts are rich in carbohydrate, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins. 

Gapyeong Jat Hangwa is made of the first grade pine nuts cultivated in the area alongside domestically grown rice, wheat and grain syrup. No synthetic sweeteners are added. CEO Chae spent 5 years to find out the ideal ratio of these ingredients and named it Gapyeong Jat Hangwa.

Unlike other traditional Korean snacks, Gapyeong Jat Hangwa is not fried but grilled to give pure and original taste. Whole pine nuts are minced and made into a dough with wheat before grilled in an oven during which the oil inside nuts permeated into wheat to enrich the flavor. Grain syrup then is coated and popped rice is clothed to complete Gapyeong Jat Hangwa. 

Gapyeong Jat Hangwa created such as buzz at the Seoul Food and at the Paldo Babsang Fair. Taking the momentum, the company carried on the fever to sell the record high sales at an event recently held at the Suwon Convention Center and women in their 20s and 30s were the main buyers. 

The shelf life of Gapyeong Jat Hangwa is one year without acidification despite it has no preservative inside. This is because CEO Chae’ has a secret grilling technique which he obtained a patent for it.

“The ratio between pine nuts, wheat, rice, grain syrup and butter is just perfect and consumers know this once they give it a bite without the knowledge how it was done.” says Chae.

Chae was born and grew in Gapyeong. He took over his father’s business that sold local food and introduced advanced production, marketing, packaging and distribution that were rather common in IT companies. The packaging especially targeted women consumers who are sensitive in design.  

His bold move with up-to-date management style has been well paid and it was the very foundation to make Gapyeong Jat Hangwa known to many today.

“I’m ambitious to launch a project called Paldogangsan. It is a project to make local specialities into unique products. I was impressed by the people when I visited Japan. They made one local specialty into hundreds of spinoff products. So I’m going to do the same but with my own ideas and plans taylor made for Korean culture and environment. I’m confident to push forward the project as I already have distribution channels. I hope this project will be a platform for many small business owners to sell their products.” says Chae. <PowerKorea>

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