Hansung D&C writes a new history in parceling out of apartments and buildings with three principles: trust, integrity and diligence







▲ Hansung D&C / CEO Yongjae Choi

A number of risks need to take into account when we make investment in real estate. First of all, false sales. Second of all, price fluctuation. Third of all tax and constantly changing laws and regulations. It is difficult for individual investors, especially if you are a novice in the field, to do this alone. This is the point where help of professionals in the field is needed.


Hansung D&C is a real estate service provider that makes its strength in parceling out of commercial buildings, apartment houses and office buildings. The firm made its name known in the market by parceling out 100% of Hyundai Tera Tower in Gwangmyeong and Dongtain Paragon. Other notable achievements includes Geobugseon Mega Square, Bucheon Okgil Platform R, and Apice and The Hound in Ansan. 


Behind this great success lies CEO Yongjae Choi’s fair and reasonable compensation to staff who worked as hard as him. Because they receive what is due for them, they work with high motivation and naturally the fruits are rich and great. Choi trained staff by giving out everything of his years of accumulated knowledge, experience and knowhow in the field. The miracle of parceling out Hyundai Tera Tower by 100% in just one and half month came from no magic but this teamwork. Since then, the number of staff jumped to 60. 


Choi values trust, integrity and diligence above anything else in his work. Back when he worked for real estate firms, he was angry about the owner’s not transparent handling of the business as well as not paying what was due to the hard working staff. He brewed his idea of running his own firm one day with principle of transparency and fair compensation. 


“Smart clients know when tricky dealers try to deceive them with sweet words. I observed this many times when I was working for real estate firms before. What they overlooked was that clients want to put their hard earned money or borrowed money in order to make profits which means that the dealers must give respect and trust on this. But they didn’t and the clients knew by unusual atmosphere. As a result, business went lame. What I learned from this was that I must value trust above anything else in order to make my business a success.” says Choi.


For the same reason, Choi and his team never recommend, suggest or encourage their clients to put their money in a real estate which they should not. Instead, Choi and his team approach with reasons why they should better put their money in this and how much they can earn by doing that and what risks it might entail.


As an industry specialist, Choi tips that the Knowledge Industry Center is rising fast as a new trend with unsparing government support. Knowledge Industry Center is a new concept building that is built in and around the city designed as an apartment-type factory for cutting edge startups and enterprises. Compared to other buildings, it requires less investment capital and applies relatively relaxed regulations. But it is important to check the location and accessibility and whether there is demand in and around the center which will decide a success or failure of the investment. <PowerKorea>

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