CD Care wins Healthy Food at 2022 Korea Future Management Awards

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▲ CD Care / Co-CEOs Youngji Im and Heonjin Jang

A food company CD Care won Healthy Food at the 2022 Korea Future Management Awards. Established in 1987 under its business motto ‘Bringing Healthy Benefit to Consumers’, the company has walked a single path as a healthy food maker for the last 38 years. 

“My father gave acupuncture to sick people alongside beneficial food. This led him to open a family business in 1984 and we sold health supplement food since then.”


The company is run by co-CEOs Youngji Im and Heonjin Jang and the founder mother Yeonhee Choi (Korean Master). Choi and her husband Sungbok Im co-founded the business and has run through prayers to God that He would give them a big bless which He did. 


“Mother said that we are blessed but I think sharing is as important as blessing. I think CD Care is a place where we can share true value.” 


During the 90s, CD Care received an appreciation plaque and a certificate of merit from the Korea Goat Processing Central Association. The company signed a business deal with a chicken wholesaler in Gyeonggi in 2014 and Youngji Im took over the charge of business in the same year. Im opened a patient division in 2014, a sports division in 2015 and introduced a variety of machines and systems in 2018 alongside inviting Heonjin Jang (brother in law) as the co-CEO. This year, the company turned into a corporation from private. 

“Naemom6000 is one of the bestselling products. It is developed for cancer patients to improve immunity. Behind the development of Naemom6000 is my mother’s development of ‘dakbalgomtang’ (chicken foot stew). A cancer patient who ate it for a week said that the level of neutrocyte increased to 6000. Below 1000 means the doctors say they cannot treat the patient. Thus born was Naemom6000. Another hot seller is ‘Meewoodam’ made with chicken foot and loach. Meewoodam is known to be good for growing children and loach is rich in calcium and vitamin D. ‘Yongwoodam is a spinoff of Meewoodam with added eel and soft shelled turtle which are good for stamina. Other products include Chulgwoodam, Wawoodam and S-dam and professional athletes and national team members are also visiting time to time and spread our products from mouth to mouth.”


‘Care for the people, Discern the time’ is the core slogan of the company. CD Care goals to deliver happiness to people and to be a channel to bless. The company donates herb tonic teas to elderlies living alone and helps children from low income families. <PowerKorea>

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