Masterpieces are the tool to end the pain and suffering of the world

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Speeches and lectures of art historian Jeongyup Oh have a magical power to lead us into spiritual illumination. His knowledge and insight opens our eyes wide to see the worlds we have never seen and experienced. This might be the reason that people from all over the world come to listen to the stories he unfolds. 


Not long ago, Jefferson Santos with his wife Megan flew to South Korea from Texas, U.S., to meet Oh. Santos is a best selling author and an entrepreneur who is inspiring his followers to be the person they are called to be. Through his bestselling book <Higher Life Design>, he organized ‘The Seacret Club’ and is taking the steering wheel to sail together with the club’s more than 500,000 leaders from 35 countries in the world. Tens of thousands of people gathered together to be enlightened by his speech. His wife Megan also is as famous as Jefferson: she is working as a singer, composer, and an artist. A speech from the Santos is known to be worth millions of dollars. The Santos came to know about Oh from Stephen Lee and Gonzales Lee, the co-CEOs of the Happy Art Gallery and the Happy Cosmo Founder. 


Art enthusiasts or not, once you attend a lecture of Oh, you cannot help feeling healed. You can feel a solace without yourself knowing while you are appreciating art works that suggest visions of the humanity on earth. 


“Most of us cannot have what we want until we die. The more we want, the less peace and rest. However, life changes the moment you start to see the hidden secret. To those who do not know that art works are the final destination of our lives, I’d like to give the God’s gifts of colors in this uncertain time we are living at the moment.” says Oh.


Our body has a limit but colors help us exceeds the limit. We want to lead a happy life and the more we see into our identity the more we fall into emptiness and chaos. But Oh feels rewarded when his stories of art help people ease their troubled mind in this world of chaos. 


Art embraces religions, healing and science and it is the last solace of humans. Buddha taught us that everything is in our mind. The world of mind has no flow of time and no limit. Jesus fed 5,000 people with 5 breads and 2 fish. Those who experienced it know the need of prayer. But art embraces all human beings on earth regardless who they are and who they believe. Art is the ultimate tool to finish all our agonies. 


There are many art works in the world. All artists who can be fit to Oh in the world is 0.0000001% even if they have a great talent like Pablo Picasso. There are many art critics but there are rarely the people who write. Oh, on the other hand, sows seeds every day and writes every day. 


Eating food is like eating colors. We eat color energy only 20% until we die and the rest 80% is wasted. Where can we find 80% then? We can find 70 to 80% in paintings.


Oh’s speeches and lectures are unique that more than 200 events are taken place a year even in times of the pandemic. Once we listen to the stories he deliver, we are awed by his knowledge and brilliance. 


Hanging a masterpiece on the wall makes our wish flow like a river runs through. That is the power of painting and it protects us 24 hours a day. Getting out of suppression is but a miracle and it makes you rich.

Artists are those who brighten up the spirit of humanity and they draw chaos with inspirations beyond our thought. They make us peaceful and stable with natural colors and circulating energies. 


The Moon Jar, for example, is a symbol of Korean’s pride, wisdom, forgiveness and inclusiveness, encountering of body and soul, conservative bless and mysteriousness, and colors of soul. 


The final destination of the riches is but painting. Art becomes the ultimate joy of them. A picture transforms the artist’s energy in sound and saves it. The energy of thinking is saved and played within the 5 meter radius of the art work.


The happy frequency of earth is the same as the frequency of pictures and it changes the DNA of cells. Secrets we do not know are in the masterpieces and those who know this are leading the world with that energy. Paintings are the power of achieving. 


Possessing good pictures makes us young and beautiful in the speed of light. 


Pictures surpass the limits. Oh’s speeches and lectures makes the audience young the more they listen. Good paintings make us avoid worries. 


“I intend to lead my life to help people know the secrets of paintings and find happy energy as well as their identity.” says Oh. <PowerKorea>

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